Within US.

It seems like we are always looking for that which is within us.

So, we’re not even looking, more like we’re being lured.

The heart is the magnet, attracting love if that’s what’s inside – but mostly bitterness from times I could not forgive.

The mind, the great city walls – welcoming friends and keeping out foes – but woe to me when I found out that I had befriended pain, mistrust and the weakness of pride.

Perhaps the walls should go down, and the city be demolished, and it’s people destroyed – so that there may be a new foundation. A new way of thinking. A new birth within.

It starts with this realization.

The need to become what I want to achieve.

To open my eyes to the realities.

And allow myself to be led, not lured.

No longer blurred by self-centeredness.

But become from within, something worth searching for.


Towards the light/Curiosity killed the cat.

There was a time not so long ago when I suddenly became intrigued by the idea of lucid dreaming.

I think I had then recently watched the movie Inception and I thought perhaps, if I could stay awake while I dreamt, maybe there I could chase God or find truth.

One night I planned to stay up all night to study and so I made a late cup of coffee. It’s always the best time to indulge in these drugs when they’re still new to your body.

I drank the cup, but failed to stay up. And as I listened to a C.S Lewis audio-book on YouTube half-awake, I began to see a beautiful blue light with no end.

My body felt, or I dreamt that it felt as though I was floating, and then I began to float into the light.

What an exciting feeling it was, at the beginning when I just wanted to feel what comes next.

But as the light moved faster behind me, a sudden fear came upon me. I started to feel as though I was now falling beyond my limits and though I was still intrigued, it felt as if whatever was to come next, I was not ready to see.

I then simultaneously closed and opened my eyes. The former in the dream and the latter as I woke…

The relief of normality as though I had just been through a nightmare. Perhaps I was… But man, I think I know now, how curiosity can kill a cat.



Hey, why are we only allowed to look back?

When we do, and we see bad, we get depressed.

When we do and see good, they call it pride.

Why can’t we look forward?

’cause when you do and see bad you get anxious – But if it’s good they’ll say “delusion”.

Uhm, so what should we look at now?

We’re well fed, yet still sad, and yet still, glad.

Man, what’s with all this confusion?

Started with the puzzles when we were six… And now a devil is flooding us with treats and tricks.

Or so I have heard. Hey, apparently I’m fighting an invisible battle. Apparently we’re now fighting the Crowned Prince himself…

Yeah, so much confusion. So many lost lives. So many scared wives. So many scared Kings, and Queens and Ministers behind masks…

Okay enough of blurred remarks:

I’m getting so big for the place I’m standing in that I’m afraid I need to quickly find my next spot.

But fear is for the weak, and as weak as I can be, I hate it and I’m still willing to put a fight.

As I walk into this darkness I hope I’ll keep my charm and my calm and bring forth to the front now, everything I’ve learnt because WOW.

I hate looking forward because it makes me feel small, but as I write this, I hope I’ll leave these silly truths here because I’ve got to write my path and through the dark, there’ll shine a star, then another, and more, until the sun comes around.

Another day that I’m looking forward to, and today one I’ll look back at, and there and then I’ll meet the Standard.


No party.

A little rain never hurt nobody.

The bigger rain drowned somebody.

A stomach pain kinda hurt my body.

A stubborn brain really broke somebody.

A steaming train quickly moved my buddy.

A wretched chain slowly choked my puppy.

And now I train to really be somebody, but all I gain is another used up hobby and then again, I drain my power just to end up paying for this messed up body… For all is vain and life ain’t no party.


No good.

I just received a thought about a type of person who is better off in his head.

The type of person who would be happy to win a single dollar’s worth of lottery money.

“Because a win is a win and I’ve won so I’m in.”-type of person.

I think I might be that type of person. But I wouldn’t like to find out it that is true…

But if I could think my way out of normality, maybe I’d actually like society.

There is a type of “perfectionist” or maybe narcissist, who wishes he could love himself and have you do the same.

She didn’t really like the way you did certain things, but now that you’re gone, she can’t seem to forget all the good that you were.

But you know you weren’t good. Everybody knows you weren’t good. Even I had to convince her to give you many chances to be good, I doubt you ever did…

Yet, now that you’re gone and you simply can’t do no more wrong.

She’s this narcissist – in her own head. She wants to own your memory. She wants to be the one who loved you to death. She thinks she loved you ’til you could do no more wrong.

And I’m this narcissist that read her mind. I knew her moves before she did. I thought your death would do her good…

But now I see you’re just no good.


Fate makers…welcome.

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It has been a beautiful journey on Forgotten Magic: Infinite Passion…That is the name which my most frequent readers have grown to associate with this young law student who just never seems to ever finish being a “law student”…well, don’t you worry, I will be finishing soon enough.

But while we wait for fate to complete the work the work that she started in that front, there is the here and the now.

When I do finally walk out of this university, I will leave with much more than a law degree. I will leave with the feelings, the bleeding, the reeling and the pealing off of that naïve adolescent mindset that I arrived with.

I will also leave with this blog. At no point growing up did I ever think I would ever consider myself as something resembling an “author” -WOW!

A “writer” – shooo! A “blogger” – damn!

That is the power of change and transition. This blog has helped me spill the beans on myself countless times, while also helping me impress some of my peers and also meet some really awesome “strangers” from around the world and it has been great.

But now is another hour for transition. I started with the previous post “Invest in Yourself” and now I would like to announce that I will now be operating this blog under the name Fate Makers: in person.

Fate Makers comes after I have not been able to write anything on a personal or creative front for months. And that is because I have taken the time to step back and ask myself what exactly all of these ideas actually mean to me.

I certainly cannot lie about this. I have been told and I have also developed the belief that I have been given everything in this world to succeed, to become wise, and to make something that I can be happy with when I look back this blog for the last time. Whenever that will be.

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Cows eat grass all day everyday. They apparently have four stomachs, which to a layman like me, makes sense why they have to eat, eat, and eat again- and then, sleep.

Tomorrow, they do it again. And the same happens the next day after that, and the day after, and the one after that too.

The farmer opens the gates, and the cows head out. When they stray away he probably leads them back to their depths.

Apparently there are specific cows that are either born, or bred for milking.

And others are specifically good for meat.

Another thing I’ve heard about cows is that they hold a position of divinity in the Hindu religion…Or belief, or spirituality. I don’t really know much about Hinduism and I wouldn’t want to offend anyone with my ignorance.

My ignorance.

If I could have a day to achieve any wish. Even the scientifically impossible, I would ask the maker of this life to let me step out of my time, my life, and see my ignorance.

Because I saw on a Ted-ed video on YouTube that stupid people suffer a double whammy, a double jeopardy because they are (1) Stupid; and (2) too Stupid to know it.

Ted-ed used “incompetent.” Not Stupid.

I spend so much time on YouTube watching stuff like Ted-ed. It makes me feel smart for a second because unlike my peers who waste their time on the internet watching funny videos, or keeping up with the Jones’ – I watch informative content.

But the same thing happens in the end. We spend money that we don’t have on internet time to watch videos and end the videos with nothing changing. That channel that we watch becomes recognized by YouTube as an in-demand product, gets allocated some advertisement money, and somebody on that side ends the video with a little more cash.

But that’s the difference between product producers and product consumers. Another irony for us to swallow.

Laughing at people who stuff themselves with McDonald’s and gaining unhealthy obesity. While we stuff ourselves with information and gaining unhealthy entitlement.

Then you start getting anxiety because you know so much and yet so little. Jacks of many trades, masters of none. Critics with nothing made. Runners with no finish-line. Cows eating grass.


You’ll seek for seeking’s sake.

Adam: I thought you had a passion for your writing, I often read your blogs and thought you to be intelligent, looking for truth in this lost world, speaking with some emotion in a time when everybody bottles it all in, and peace among people bred from war.

Ben: I thought so too. But then, I’d search and search, and I’d always find that I could never truly find. As if the search was made for searching’s sake, and finding borne for more finding. And peace, like the carrot that steers the farmer’s donkey forward, was never meant to be found, or worse, never was.

Cathy: Ooh you should probably write that down or something. Actually, have you ever considered writing a book?

Ben: Writing a book would be a dream. But it would also be a lot of work. And I don’t think I’ve got the time to write a book. Something else always rises when I ponder the occasion, and if I wait too long, I come to find that I no longer see the world the same way, and this week I no longer identify with my words from the last…and I assume that tomorrow will be the same, and I’ll regret even these very words that spill out of my tongue now.

Adam: True. The tongue is a powerful weapon. One that can build just as impressively as it can destroy, one that can make a fool wise today and fool him tomorrow.

Duncan: But surely if one is wise today and then a fool tomorrow, he was never truly wise to begin with. Perhaps, the ears are just as powerful as the tongue, if not superior.

Ben: Ears are none but the hallways that lead to the operation centre that is the mind. It is not what you hear that you judge wise or foolish, but what you perceive through your mind.    But if today I sound wise and tomorrow foolish, is it fair to blame it all on my audience, rather than perhaps the fact maybe I myself do not understand or identify with the words that I spoke both yesterday and today? That perhaps I have been speaking ignorantly, maybe even ignorantly with persuasion, rather than conviction.

Adam: That too could be true. In an age like ours, mindsets are not to be trusted. We are collectors of information. Our minds are loaded with extracts from this text book and that, but do we have any appreciation of any of it? What is your personal understanding of the second world war that you read about so much in school?   How different is that from the little battles fought between colonizers and natives in any “discovered” world you learnt about?

Cathy: Oh, and what about the fairy tales we grew up on? You put a Disney logo on a magic spell and dreams come true, but consider the same in medieval Europe, and you’re first in line to hang the witch. Don’t even get me started on Africa…

Duncan: Oh before we lose that line about the hanging of witches… I’m not being religious or anything, but have you guys ever considered the story of Jesus? – The dude came out of nowhere and challenged everything that the Jewish people believed from their holy books.   Eventually they make him pay for his atrocities by nailing him on a cross. How many of you think you would have been one of the few whom at that time, saw that as a wrongful murder of the soon to be heir to eternity?

Ben: Well Duncan, I’m not sure if I’m ready to answer such a question. But it really is an interesting perspective. I’m also not sure whether or not it manifests sacrilege…but how many people have been successful in this world for nothing more than the fact that they obeyed law when it was there, believed tale when it was told, and followed society when it turned there?

Adam: Well it’s certainly easier to follow the crowd that to be insane. You guys ever heard that phrase, “insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result” – How many times do you think you would be able to oppose your entire society, your reality…and as a consequence, be left out, ignored, imprisoned ( even if it’s in your own mind)?

Cathy: There is surely nothing worse than being imprisoned, or oppressed (in any way) in your own mind. Like, you can be sitting here with us having drinks and muffins during the day…all smiles and all, but as soon as you get home and you’re alone – you face the dooming and looming cells, your own mind is the warder, it is the prosecutor and judge against you – and yet, you’re supposed to find enough strength to advocate for yourself against your own d*mn self!

Duncan: Well, I hear you Cathy. But real prison is a hundred times worse than mental prison. Every dude you’ve ever met, I can assure you, has feared or still fears being isolated with life-sentenced thugs who have given up all hope of ever having a woman, but still find themselves having sexual urges…

Ben: Haha yeah that’s legit!

Adam: Haha yeah, we live in a messed up society…

Cathy: Yeah, What started this conversation again?

Ben: Oh, I was saying, you will search or searching’s sake. You’ll find shelter and then it will cave in. You’ll love and then get your heart broke…

Duncan: Yeah man, and you won’t want a pity party, but you have to express yourself.