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The City & small towns

So I was taking a walk the other day, yes an actual walk – slow paced and with peaceful thoughts and maybe even a song (a calm song) – one that you would play even by the waterfall.

Suddenly it began to drizzle and I was taking a walk in the rain. Imagine that, an actual walk in the rain – this kind of stuff is unheard of in the City where I come from – it’s an experience we have reserved strictly for thoughts of retirement by the seaside.

That’s the beauty of a small town isn’t it? You are afforded so much space and you don’t have to rush to and fro’ in fear of being stumbled down in a sidewalk-stampede.

The clouds took a deep breath and the drizzle turned into a shower – paradise is over. I began taking larger steps to hurry back home – you can take the Boy out of the City but you cannot take the City out of Me. We have never loved the rain I tell you, our working-class uniforms and overpriced trends do not allow that.

So I increased my pace, put some springs into my steps – but you cannot pick and choose which part of the City you want, you have to take the whole package. And that’s when the bounce began to show, along with chest out and head in the clouds…that’s how we do it in the City.

Small-town folk always think we are just arrogant, but with the number of thieves our overpriced-ness attracts, it’s better to look like an aggressor than to look like a victim. That’s one aspect of city life I had no trouble mastering. You have to know the lingo for the tango, there’s too much wisdom to learn on the City streets.

To be honest I don’t know which lifestyle I prefer anymore. The City life is in my veins, I bleed cheeky and trust nobody – yes The City is who I am and and have always wanted to be. I always dreamt to build my empire, spend more time with Mandela and The other heroes and make an impact! And at least I just have to keep my eyes open because most devils there wear their horns proudly.

Small town folk are harder to see through – there are less demons here but the few are harder to spot. The small town-feller is who I want to become now, not to be one of the few, but to live a modest life and enjoy more time alone with God, I trust he makes the greatest impact.


26 thoughts on “The City & small towns

  1. I relate so much to this post. I was born in the metropolis of Houston, TX. I lived there my first 26 years. The first two years it was the slowing down that was hard when I moved to a rural area in NE Texas. It’s hard to remember now the concrete and traffic jams. I’m happy here now and don’t miss much anything about the city.

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  2. Hi Keletso,
    Thank you for the ‘Like’ on my post ‘If I Could Interview God’.
    I appreciate the visit very much.
    I’ve enjoyed browsing your blog. I can truly identify with the changes in environment you’ve written about in this post. I grew up in the city of Brooklyn, New York. You needed to have a prickly exterior to survive. Now since living in Florida for many, many years, I found all of that deminished with time.
    Like you, I believe age can also change that. However, if put in a situation where I would need to be a bit harder I think that I would be able to bring it forward. Circumstances create our reactions which we’d learned in our youth.
    BTW – I think this line is exceptional: The clouds took a deep breath and the drizzle turned into a shower …. great post which begs for dialog.
    Isadora 😎

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    • Hello Isadora, thanks for the awesome comment. I love dialog and that’s why I only blog with my phone, it feels like I’m just telling my friends something that was on my mind. I think coming from the busy city to a more relaxed place is the best scenario…lol imagine our unlucky counterparts who go the other way around and suddenly they worry about keeping up with society…that stuff can really cause havoc in one’s head

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  3. I really enjoyed this post. Lovely walking with you. I also have known this change, from Paris to a small English town. Gardening renewed my heart. Thank you for visiting my blog. 🙂

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  4. I came from rural country setting, then I went to live in the city at twenty. Then at forty- I return to the country. Now at fifty I am in the country but twenty minutes from the city. Who knows what the next twenty years will take me. Life has its stages. You write very well.

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  5. I’ve lived in a few large cities, Miami, FL, is one of them. I prefer smaller cities, especially if they are quaint and friendly. I currently live close to Atlanta, GA, and even though my suburb is delightful, I want to move further north to a small, quaint mountain town.

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