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Stop Writing.

I need to stop writing because I might just be good at it. Okay maybe that’s too extreme, maybe I can just stop publishing my blog posts – they might be better off as drafts.

Yes maybe drafts are better, I can pile up all my thoughts and they will never be seen and I would never revisit them just in case I get tempted to post them and let the whole world see.

I’m surely no Shakespeare, my English is far too simple – but oh how convenient, people cannot handle complicated, they don’t even understand my previous post.

Oh snap I need to stop writing. I might just be good at it and I’ll get what I wish for; write some books and get rich and famous – then my biggest fears will come true and I’ll end up like my beloved Avicii.

Many times I never stopped to think what the consequences of success could be. Everyone who’s holding my secrets might just come and spill the beans just to get their name on the community mop and wipe away all my innocence and privacy – I don’t want to be rich and famous.

So maybe I should stop writing or maybe I can just stop making sense, I can never try being boring so I’ll start now with the mathematics that birds don’t dwell on and neither did I when I passed through the tunnel and became man and then boy and then faded into thinking – yes surely I’ve lost them and they’ll never read me again…I can continue writing never to be famous today.


29 thoughts on “Stop Writing.

  1. If you seek wealth and fame, there are far more successful ways than writing books.

    Crafting great stories requires practices. We get better with each story. Don’t give up on your writing if that is what your soul seeks.

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  2. Hi! Don’t over-analyze why you write – just let it out – mostly drafts, many deletes and then some to post. Realize that folks respond in so many different ways depending on their world views, hurts, agendas – so embrace the encouraging remarks and ignore the critical stuff. I often feel the same way with my photography – what’s the point? who cares? why bother posting for a few “likes” … but I mainly enjoy fiddling with images and sharing them – posting them helps me focus and maintain some compositional creativity and discipline. BTW – I love the subtitle of your blog – I start every morning with a coffee and fruit’n’fibre muffin!

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  3. plantpicker says:

    Awesome post! Good to know Iโ€™m not the only one having those thoughts. Anyway keep on doing what you love, what ifโ€™s are for quitters ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  4. Foolchund Saahil says:

    Don’t stop writing if this is your talent. As far as techniques and language are concerned, it will be with regular practice and learning that you will improve. Thanks for for visiting my blog. Yours is really nice!!๐Ÿ˜

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  5. If you stop writing, your brain well become clogged with thoughts that you should have written down.
    When your brain becomes too clogged, your thoughts will dribble out of your mouth in unconformable order and people will think you’re brain exploded.
    Don’t let your brain explode. Keep writing.

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  6. Soul Therapist says:

    Writing to me is the only way I get to give voice to my soul without being questioned why… You know I get to know any word and expression I like without having to explain shit to anybody and I think same goes to every writer out there. My dear, if the only independent voice you have is writing please don’t give up on it. Keep it up


  7. You are starting very early on the self-sabotage. Donโ€™t aim to be rich and famous, it might never happen? Put your thoughts and ideas out there and maybe people will value that enough to follow. Just keep on posting! (Wise words once given to me) Cheers,H

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