greed, power, truth

Greedy Power!

Power…Greed…More Power…More!!!!

I need power for security, I need power for continuity, I need power in my community.

Look how much I have to offer to this world, look how much wisdom I possess. This world needs a leader like Me, I can change this world and make it a better place for my people – I can make this world a better place for all people.

Love. My family needs to trust Me, I can get us out of our poverty. My family needs to love Me, otherwise I’ll leave them with nothing in my legacy.

Love. I love this world but this world doesn’t love me. Why doesn’t this world love me when I am so much better than most people? This world needs to love Me, otherwise I’ll leave the world in ashes covered in nothing.

I’m feeling low, falling into nothingness. I need somebody to blame. I blame this whole world for it did not love me. I blame you and him and her and them. I blame Donald Trump, he’s racist. I blame England and her colonies. I blame China – she built a great wall to protect her heart and left me in the cold with cheap cloth that tears, leaving me shivering and in tears.

Nope! I can’t go back to that, so I need power to suppress my oppression. I need power to be amongst the greatest. I need power and she will love Me – I need it all until she has no choice but to beg me.

I need power in my words. More power in my message will get me heard. I’ve been crying in silence, now please hear me out:

It takes a Real Man to cry because he’s come to a point where he understands that there is freedom in the truth. Tears show weakness, but it took a lot of strength to let them out and a lot more to admit that I lacked the responsibility to carry all that power.

It caused a burden on my heart when I could not use it, hoarding it in my greed, until it became heavy on my soul and that was the death of me because I was drawning refusing to let go of the weight so I sank to the point where I drank too much to blur the truth – that made me aggressive and I got caught in a Power-brawl and lost a tooth.

Now you see it in the end – too late. A toothless Man with too much Power but not enough strength to exercise it. It begins to clot in empty promises that leave you dying and the world doesn’t love you, your children don’t know you…“More Time…More!!!” Will be your cries but you’ll be better off Resting because while Alive you had no Peace.


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