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Kings Of Earth

Long ago there lived two Kings, the King of the North and the King of the South. Each of them ruled in his hemisphere and was happy with the way his Kingdom operated and how his subjects lived on the land.

In time the Earth became too small and each King wanted to expand his influence and make the whole world happy his way. The two Kings met of the peak of a great mountain in a day that would late be known as The Eclipse.

On that day, the Kings laid down strong arguments, one spoke with great wisdom and the other with splendid charm. They were both worthy suitors for the throne over the Earth, but they were too different.

The King of the South was the older of the two Kings and much wiser. He was very bright and he filled his Kingdom and people with happiness and laughter. He cared so much about the affairs of his people and was always ready to help, be it on their farms or even with making fires to cool their meals. Sometimes his people would even consider his kindness “too much” and they would hide and shade under trees and in their homes.

The King of the North was young and enthusiastic, I see a little of myself in him. He was the most handsome being in the North – white like a pearl – the ladies loved him. He changed his look from time to time, he was everybody’s type – round and whole or thin and Sharp.

He created for his Kingdom an enchanting and peaceful world and they would spend their days just admiring the beauty of their world and each other. The King was proud of his Kingdom. It was cold and icey, the people stuck closer to each other in the comfort of their homes instead of out with the streetlights.

When the two Kings met, the Northern Master criticised his counterpart, “look how your people run around all day, eating ice cream and drinking soft drinks and polluting the environment with the empty packs thereafter. If you rule any longer this world will not last too long”

The Southern Wise Man refused to criticise the laziness of the people in the North, but he defended himself, “What good is the life of this World if the people cannot enjoy their lives on It?”

The discussions went on for too long until the Wiser man said, “Have you ever heard of Yin and Yang? They lived on this Earth when your father ruled in the North, I was just as young as you are at the time. Yang was a fine young man who grow up over on that valley over there, he travelled North and met Yin from your father’s land. They were so different but yet so beautiful in the way they brought two Nations together “

The two Kings then agreed to the lesson of Yin and Yang, thinking about how they were so greatly remembered for their pioneering efforts. The King of the North saw a chance to create history and he too could be remembered for being a part of something beautiful and new.

So they agreed that they would combine their Kingdoms into one. They would share rule over the Earth, however not simultaneously, no – that would could prove too chaotic. So they agreed on that day that in a twenty four hour day, each would get rule over half of the day and would lose all jurisdiction while then other sat on the throne. It was agreed and sealed.

Today, The two Kings still rule. The Southern King continues to bring happiness and joy – activity and productivity – now to the whole world at large. The King of the North enters to bring calm to the world, a blissful charm that leads every home into slumber as the King remains away to enjoy his handsome reflection on the sea undisturbed.


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