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South africa vs Democracy.

The case of South Africa vs Democracy.

This I know will turn into a confusing rumble of words for many readers – If anyone would even care to read past this upcoming full-stop. I blame that on our diluted education system.

So we have a country that has been devastated by 24 years of poor governance, one where public officers turned away from their constitutional obligation to serve and protect the country under the principles of transparency, accountability and accessibility.

Before that we had a system of governance based on segregation and oppression. Correct me if I am wrong on this summarised view, that system had dire effects on our current generation through, what is in my view a version of the principle of the “domino-effect”.

Okay so now we have a society that can agree that something is wrong with our government but they are split – miles apart on the best way, or in fact any way to find a solution to this matter. The route to such a solution becomes even less tangible when you look at the opposition to the current ruling party in our multi-party electoral democracy system. The official opposition, after many years of fighting against the President and his shenanigans leading to the trouble of “state capture”, have now errupted into an intra-party racial war or what-not…whatever it is…there is an unattractive division there.

While the next in line Prodigal son and his party offer what can simply be said to be the other side of the same coin as our ruling party. I had hoped that I wouldn’t spend too much time on this “background” part but I did, but it is important to know this because it has led to our current state, in which we will never find peace because you have a society that is split between loyalties and ideologies binding them to one or the other of these entities.

The Mind/Body problem.

Okay now the fun begins. What is the relationship between the mind and the Body (or between physical and mental phenomena)? “The UK band the Sugababes formed in 1998. One by one, the original members left and were replaced so that by 2009 none of the original line-up remained. In 2011, the original trio formed a new band, but the Sugababes still existed.”

This is the question of Identity. Who are we as South Africans? What kind of government to we like and which kind is too extreme for us? Apartheid came and left but it’s people and the mindsets they taught their children will live on far beyond their individual deaths. The apartheid victims will die too but their children saw the suffering and vengeance will remain somewhere within, whatever happens in this country will have to satisfy either all or none.

As you can see I can go on but you probably could not even keep up, simply jumping to this conclusion as you and I often if not always do every time we speak of politics and ideologies. So if you ask me if we will ever succeed under democracy in South Africa… I must say no. Because I have seen how our constitution works. It tries so satisfy everybody at his level in the smaller things like marriage and medium of instruction. And then it tries to bring us together on voting day expecting us to agree on common ground – never gonna happen.

This is my contribution on June 16 2018 as we South Africans celebrate ” Youth Day”. Remembering our past, with hope for our future.


14 thoughts on “South africa vs Democracy.

    • Very much so. The present government are a divided bunch between the peiple of the old President and the peiple of the new President…the same is with the racial division in the opposition party which is mainly white people but is now led by a black leader, the whites fear he is going to scare away the white voters.

      The other party opposition is led by the man I call the “Prodigal son” the infamous Julius Malema. He’s a radical socialist…

      So not much choices you see..


  1. One of the many evils of apartheid is that it had taken root well enough to continue to influence events long after its apparent death.
    The same was true in the USA after the apparent liberation from slavery following the Civil War. The powerful whites in the South simply found other ways to maintain their system.
    The same will perhaps be true for the Palestinian people if they ever achieve freedom from Israeli oppression.
    Human beings need to learn how to use power without stealing it from others. Abuse of power seems hard-wired into our species. We need to learn how to deal with this before we are forced to confront it via wars or environmental disasters.

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  2. Democracy isn’t the problem in my opinion. The real problem is corruption and lack of accountability. Most democratic countries in more developed states have very high Freedom House Scores. This is because transparency and accountability are enforced. South Africa needs a socialist democratic system a democracy not purely driven by capitalism but one which truly takes care of the impoverished and seeks to bring about real lasting development. Really love your post by the way.

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    • The socialist-democratic model is what they’re currently using…and you are right the corruption is hindering and chance of progress.

      But to be honest I must say that the problem lies within the country’s people. Imagine we were promised a brighter future, then when that future doesn’t work it leaves majority of black people still in poverty…while the other races remain generally richer through familial wealth gained through the apartheid regime…

      And then when the blacks protest for their rights, the other races don’t assist them, thinking protest is a barbaric act of some sort…which caused racial tensions and booom…no chance for democracy


      • Not really we pretend like we are using that module but in essence, we aren’t. The module works in countries like Norway, Denmark etc. But I agree the racial division is hurting us all badly. Protests are becoming extremely violent and people are dying. But, that should not be used to label protesting barbaric. Our democracy was achieved via protesting. I have attended many peaceful protests. Our people and by that I mean all races are just not sticking together. In South Korea, their corrupt president is in jail because everyone protested for days all together and the numbers were staggering. We have this legacy of apartheid that divides us all and that is what is adding fuel to the fire. South African people are still very racist sadly we are slowly changing but it feels like we take two steps forward and three steps back sadly.

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  3. Filosopete says:

    Democracy really is a foolish idea simply because it is based upon dividing people, in being partisan. It also never can exist where there is a well established majority ruling over lesser minorities. Ancient philosophers foresaw that.

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