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Word ArT

Words are words, it’s nothing special, just a bunch of letters put together.

Words are Words, it’s nothing special, just a language to communicate.

Words are Words, it could be special, but only if I pick them right.

Words are Words, it’s nothing complex, just pick a pen and write.

“Words are Art” is what some say, I’ll understand it one day.

I use words to laugh and cry – you should try… it’s as easy as pie.

I tried once to compose a poem, full of idioms and fancy synonyms…but words are are so much like girls, they often run and ruin the fun.

But words are also powerful, they are the world. They come in many shapes and sizes but can only go as deep as you can hear.

Oh but the pain you probably couldn’t bear, because the best words are often cries from deep cut wounds escaping from cells of despair.

Oh friend if only you could care to dismantle the perfect paragraphs that coat broken ribs and tarnished promises and lost tears in a heartbeat – it’s like standing bare feet on sheets of glass while smiling and keeping your class, sweeping away the real pain with a fake simile like a honey bee protecting your honey made from hours of misery and words can be fun too like look how I have stopped using punctuation but as long as I choose the right words I can keep going and I can even change the topic and forget about paragraphs as I’ve already done and Ooops there is an apostrophe ruining my flow of words but I have managed to salvage my sentence and now I hope the grammer police do not sentence me for misspelling grammar but you probably did not notice because maybe you are not as smart as you think you are and I probably know that only because I am not as smart as I think I am but I am this and this is me and I do this kind of thing and I still have the nerve to call myself a writer hoping that you will remember me as a word painter making cheap art with these words that are not so special because they are just a bunch of letters put together.


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