Punch lines.

It frightens me. I am so close to writing only full stops. Like so many words are unnecessary to convey the message. For the few that understand, maybe it was a special assignment. It’s all about alignment. An author trying to pick up an audience, when really the reader should pick out the story. No lies, I write for glory. Find no pleasure in simple things, but I love the little things. Maybe it’s a result of growing in the Era of the punch lines. Rap artists and modern Preachers that hit the right spot. Oooh – Aaah – “that’s deep”… I say something like,

Most people say sleep is for the weak. I say sleep is for the week.

Or maybe my life is just a joke, with no punch line – nobody gets it. I’m proud of my stuff. I can’t call it work when I see no dividends. So it’s just my stuff. No market value, but what’s a market when I have this ego? I overturned mental slavery and achieved paradise. Vindication that I get from praise in the comments. I believe in my greatness more than anything. Achieving Vanity was my greatest success. Rewriting sanity is my next line of stuff. Sex, money and ignorance – I’ve learnt well from MTV.


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