Morning Motivation.

How many kids are born everyday?

That’s a new batch of potential enemies and allies.

So if I stop competing for what I already have, and teaching those who willing to listen…

I could be out-numbered at the next corner.


Written on the grave.

If they said that every man’s troubles were to be written on his grave, some would flee and die in as many foreign lands as possible.

And if it where said that every man’s debts were to be read out loud in church, some would flee while we closed our eyes in worship.

And if it were that we could taste our neighbour’s tears in every savoured glass of wine, some would sleep as early as the chickens and never be seen in the morning.

I always hoped that I would grow up to face my own sins and be held accountable.

But if every shed of blood was to be added to the ink of my pen, then maybe I too would curl into a tight coil like a millipede, because I could have seven hundred legs, but never enough to run from the truth.


To my Peers.

When you finally settle down, find some self in the mist of the masses, you will look at my blog like “Woah”

Because I took the route, what you may call the road less taken, I took it for you as an instruction from the higher powers

It was a choice much like love is a decision, a choice to put somebody else before yourself… It’s the kind of thing that goes beyond human nature to care for one’s own self.

Well I guess you did the right thing, taking care of yourself first… Well at least I hope you took care of yourself… But even if you did, it’s alright, as long as you breathe, you’re alive…yeah…we’re alive!

Can I get a WHOOP!?!

Anyway, I’m glad you’re here now. I’m writing from the future, in the present but through the past.

I suffer looking at you have your fun, wishing I could too, but that’s the pain of the chosen, that’s the pill I’ve chosen. To live both within and without…

I assume that’s also where Fitzgerald was when he wrote The Great Gatsby…and spoke about generational wealth vs new money.

I don’t really know where I fall into in his understanding. I was born poor but I can proudly say that I am a product of a parent’s hard work. But not only that, I am a true example of the African dream.

Remember that in Africa we once said that I takes a community to raise a child? Well my grandmother gave birth to eight children. That’s a whole lot isn’t it?

And when my mother flew to Saudi Arabia to make some income as a nurse, her siblings did not turn their backs on us (my sister and I)…

No, I can thank so many of them for their parts played in my life. Do not be frightened if you read this before your time, be inspired.

Be inspired to be that person that stands in when there’s a gap to be filled, and at the same time, become conscious to yourself and do everything you can to be whatever you must to get your dreams to be satisfied.

I assume that if you have read this far you are feeling the magic. Well then I must admit, it’s true, there is magic in this life that we’re living. I choose to call it God.

No God is not the magic, but he is the performer of the magic. This life wouldn’t make sense without somebody who knows better out there pulling the strings.

Without him, I wouldn’t have had the love that i needed to be where I am. And that lower-case I that I put there is not through error neither.

It’s just another sign of how small I am in this life that seems to be centered around Me!

It’s just like that because we all get our moment to shine, to be the main character until we achieve what we need to reach and then begin to focus our lives on what we can do for others…

Like last week when my mother found out that the glasses that j wear to see in class and when I drive are made by Ray Ban… She was shocked that she had purchased something so expensive for me, while she does not even have such a luxury.

And that’s it. That’s the trick. To get to a point in your life where you are no longer the Centre, but you make others… Beginning with your own children, and then your community and eventually the world.

And as I come to an end of this, this is not the end. The day when you stip worrying and stressing is when you will know that you have died.

Because stress comes only where there is hope, and hope is one of the greatest. Along with faith of course… But the greatest is love… And I hope you will one day be in love