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Charles Hemsworth, who repeatedly insists on being addressed simply as “Chili Ham” is the son of a multi-billionaire, Gregory Hemsworth, the patent-holder of the world’s first ever invisible light bulb.

At around noon on Monday the 10th of June, Mr “Chili Ham” checked into a five star hotel accompanied by his entourage with whom he proceeded to bang the loud music and break almost every rule in the quiet hotel which is often a temporary home to the most important people in the country.

One of his friends reportedly told hotel staff that Charles purposefully wanted to have this party while everybody else was at work, so as to show the true extent of the gap between himself and “all the mild and basic people”.

However, at about 6pm, Chili Ham was in the back of an ambulance after a suspected concaine overdose.

At around the same time, Jao Tai Zen, a Tibetan monk was on his way to his hotel from the airport, when his Uber was involved in a head-on collision with the ambulance. The accident was fatal. No survivors. What a sad day.

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