My competition.

I compete with Socrates, Plato, Martin Luther, Sigmund, the big Boys.

Don’t be surprised if this doesn’t fit your lift, no, it’s talking to my long dead tutors, my mentors, my mental.

This is an art that needs to be discovered. Seeing, here, is not believing.

Game changers. I love these thinkers.

Judges, Dworkin and the likes. Marx, John Austin, Hercules, imagine that.

This the kind of stuff they make you drink poison for, coz you refused to be the poison to the youth that they wanted to inject into the unmastered mind.

Anyways, I’m just an anywho, somebody’s baby boo, somebody’s crazy who, everybody’s daily fool.


To the child’s.

I’m just talking to myself. The sooner I realise that, the better.

There’s greater stuff, I have to speak for the child’s, to the kids.

Happiness is beat bro, I know I scared you a little, I was only talking to myself.

But by the time you read this, I’ll be listening, I’ll be your ear, I’ve already smelt for you, God has already done it for you, no I don’t speak for God, I am not him, but he has me, he’s really the Good guy, the God of our dreams, the one who never sleeps.

But I should speak less about a God I currently know little about. Ask me about it later, but right now I think it’s faith…could be hope, but I read that love is the greatest of them all.

I love you, that’s my gift from God, love is hard to explain in my time,but tomorrow is a brand new day, and so are we, like that’s new life, this life, real life,much like the stories 😂

I don’t know what role emojis will play in your day, but here’s my try…

Nop! Too heavy, not for me, I’ll seek and I’ll find, hopefully, and you’ll have something to look look up to, by God’s mighty grace. 🙏🏾



Greener pastures lay ahead, dreams come true, it’s green.

The water is as it should be, we’re remembering, reminiscing as the kids will say…

Fruits aplenty, skies are blue, clouds that pluff, we are as kids should be, as sweet as honey bee, berry red, white beans, but I’m glad to have found it too soon after a few weeks to read and see if it is not clear to us to make a decision to reshuffle it to a better extent then what you can expect to

There goes lawyer messing up a good tale, I mean take.

Right is hear and now is both, left is woke and being is one… Philly, I mean, Philosophy, won’t you tell me what wrong, “I shouted within, it made me grin, in the real that is….

Correction. I’m not one for introduction, I already mastered instructions, what’s next is body and soon after, conclusion, deduction, vibration, the atoms, screeming,” we have control”…

HI screening, I didn’t expect you here so quick, you wanna show me? Take me around the world? – that’s what I hear, rrrhhhhh

It’s quite green here, white and white and I think you’re asleep now and I don’t know what to say about it breaking down would cause everyone to erupt in fear of the fact that I can call you that…

Oops, I don’t know who that was,

Poet, mow it, show it, blow it, grow it, slow it, glow it, wear it, where’s it? Wet it, mend it, blend it, end it.

The song of my life, I wrote the story, but I heard it, chased it, blamed it, flamed it, made it.

I don’t know where I lost my flow, the fumes just craved it, the fool just turned it on it’s head, it worked.

Grassroots beginnings, we can get there, we have been there and never left there, I just took a trip in my mind, so a moment, coz of poet, flavour ain’t hard to find, he made the nose see from behind, only to find, it was ears that always hears, always hears us, always geared us, almost neared us, always hears us, bears us, cares us, cleared eyes

Self is boring, person is good, water is good, soul had food, sound was mood, song was good, psych was rude, physique was nude, fly was crude, and shelf had books.

Future, bleep, creep, sleep, weep, cheap, quick, sip, chip, hip, lip, tip, rip, whip, grip, dip, zip, vip, nip, like, hide, slide, flick, flock, dock, clock, lock, block, glock, work, o’clock, mock, sock, flock, flop, hop, hp, tick, three stripes

Haha I couldn’t conceal, but I leave you now, it’s been real. 😉 Distance is none but road and stuff, you’ll call me a bluff…

Oh, let me not forget picture, I did all this for him anyway.

Just hold, download, and zoom. I’m. Sorry to have to say, but picture is just that good. Fun. Fin.


True Politics.

Politics and Government are the foundations of a nation. What I’m about to say now will most probably not gain instant applause from the economists and the money men who might read this, but here we go.

You cannot build a nation on money. The country is the territory that we commonly occupy, but the nation is her people, the common descent that we share, our history, language and culture is what unites us to become a nation.

A nation resembles a large family. And this is where it is most accurate to say that you cannot build a family on money. We build a family on unity trust, loyalty, love and sacrifice.

A family is not a Utopian concept where there are no conflicts or misunderstandings. A family, as a grouping of individuals, is very prone to the occasional stepping on one’s toes, prone to a finding of two individuals in the same family group who sit on opposite sides of the wealth pyramid.

But our differences are never meant to divide the family. Our strengths and weaknesses are there to allow those with more to offer themselves and help in bringing up those who have lost their way, those who never found their way and those who just need a little push in the right direction, those who have started the journey, but need a little spare change to help them to refresh along the way.

As a Christian, I will look to four Christian principles that could help us in understanding True Politics.

1- Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.

2- Love your neighbour as you love yourself.

3- The love of money is the root of all evil.

4- Jesus died on the cross for our sins.

When we talk Politics, especially in a young democratic country like my beloved South Africa, there remains many people who are unhappy with the development (or lack of) that has happened thus far.

Well, that is probably because there was neglect with regards to the Nation building part of the process. A young independence such as ours should focus on building the relations amongst our people. But because we chose to base our politics on the love of money, we played into the hands of greedy and corrupt leaders, and it becomes harder to rebuild from the crazy international debt that we now find ourselves in.

To love our neighbours. Such a diverse nation will not survive if we fail at this part. The black population is diverse in its different cultures. Our constitution recognises the right for each person to freely choose his or her own religion. And we, like much of the rest of the world, are still battling gender inequalities and criminal calamities.

We gained this independence from a long history of sacrifice. From colonialism, to apartheid.

Nelson Mandela is the national embodiment of sacrifice. He and the many other struggle heros put out their personal comfort, some lost their lives and many others lost the freedom to walk the land of their ancestors.

If we were to adopt the family concept into our nation building, we would have come to the topic of the people who have and the people who are without.

There was much need for this conversation back in 1994; who was going to sacrifice how much land? and who was going to be assisted into finding the right direction?

So to keep it short and readable, here is what True Politics is. It is a philosophy, it is ideas, not ideology.

It is communication and negotiation, a finding of middle ground, or something close to it. It is listening. Hearing the cries of the hurt, and finding a balance with the aspirations of the daring.

Perhaps this is the foolishness and ignorance of youth that speaks through me. Politics 101 and 102 is as far as I’ve gone academically.

I do not speak on behalf of a Utopia, I’m only seeking the True Politics. The concept itself has been corrupted over decades and centuries, through revolutions and Renaissance, wars and terrorism… So many people who made their own agenda into our (mis)fortune…

So this is my agenda, I won’t spread it through propaganda, but I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t love for it to be given a proper reflection.


At face value.

At face value, we all chase virtue. But when I first met you, I thought you should have come with a manual.

When the picture was colored outside of its borders, it turned out to be nothing less than an escape from the structures that bored us.

But when we got swept away by the tides and the waves, it was your well thought out strategy that cured us.

Kinda hoped that life would be as simple as black and white, I told that story over and over again until it bored us.

And when I found certain things too heavy for the heart to deal with, it was only a matter of time until I realised that the heart’s security was my very own ribcage.

So I started weaving, mending and stopped the bleeding. A pumping heart is a healthy heart, a beating mind, not so much.

At face value, love seemed to be the guardian. But yet again, love needed some guidance. And in the end the only thing that was true was the truth itself, and when I encounter it eventually, it will surely be as pure as the waves that swept us away whenever we got entangled in the elements.

The elements of the earth, the elements of birth, the elements of worth, of youth, and choice, and freedom and judgement and everything in between.

If this love is true, it will be beyond the reaches of my control, stronger than the riches of the world around us, smoother than the waltz of the stranger who caught you when you tripped off from our fantasies.

I guess what I’m trying to say is something that goes beyond words and description, it promises to be much realer than perception. The truth is you deserve happiness, but something that’s been harder to grasp was that I did too.

And so I leave you to the mercy of the elements. You be you and I be me and we be together, but together through the conscious decisions of individuals, for I’m tired of love that comes with chains, like where are you and what good is that?

No if I’m to call this love, I’m looking to set it free, to roam the world and still come back to me as it left me, only wiser and firmer, and that’s the kind of foundation I’d love to build my love on, and the beautiful fountain on our front lawn will be none more than a true representation of the springs of joy, care and family in our home.