Staying in Love.

As young boys we loved the adventure of chasing young girls. We loved testing ourselves through the dangers of rejection, after all, what did we have to lose besides a temporary bruise to the ego?

But my uncle told me something quite profound about a year ago. It will either prove to be profound as I say, or it will only prove my mentality to be quite pretentious.

He said, “Keletso, in the working world, you get fired.”

That sentence alone was enough to get me out of a quiting mindset, at a time when I was falling behind in my studies, failing to find the God that I thought I sought after, I was ready to give up on all the good fruits that hung at the top branches of the tree of life.

But what a different ball game keeping love has proven to be. To finally find the girl that was worth investing the very fragile heart, learning to trust, and being pushed to learn the ways of the faithful.

It is certainly much easier to let go of love, because love, as good as it feels to give and receive, can be a daunting task when you think that a person has tasted what you have to offer and then decided that she no longer wants it.

Passenger sang it, “Holding on can be so frightening”…

Like when you start to reach for the top branches of the tree, how scary it is to take your foot off the previous solid branch that itself took a test to find…

But how beautiful it is to stay in love. To grow it just as much as you would love to one day raise children as the fruits of our love.

I guess the children are actually a gift from God to help us understand the different levels of love.

Leaving the honeymoon stages of toddlers and eventually finding the teenage stages, your love begins to wander around looking to experiment with the world, and I’ll be here scared that it might never come back to me.

Then it will be old enough to experiment with alcoholic drinks, and it seems to be less and less within the reaches of my control and yours too, it’ll leave me hoping that you quickly become sober, or maybe even just have an alcohol poisoning, the kind that makes you never want to go back, so that you may return to me with your thinking mind still intact, having not lost yourself to the night life and casualties of casual interactions…

Oh staying in love, staying in the light that illuminates the dark tunnel that we walk through.

I’m not sure if there will ever be a true sunlight at the end. But if I cannot hold on to this top branch, I’ll never reach the top and I’ll never get to know, what it really is like to love until forever do us part.


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