Name: a telling tale.

What is your name boy?

-You will look at me when I talk to you!

What is your name son?

-Are you sure you’re in the right neighborhood?

What is your name sir?

-Sorry, this seat is reserved sir

What is your name?

-It’s not on the list

What is your name sir?

-Sorry we can’t help you

What is your name?

-We regret to inform you

What is your name?

-It’s not in the system

Your name is a gift. My name is an anchor it’s weighing me down

Andrew Dost.


Pursuit of Happiness.

Still searching for joy. But I don’t wanna find it in something that can be lost.

Still searching for joy, probably shouldn’t give it any limitations.

Still searching for joy through these times of turmoil.

It’s been a messy road, thought I had found wisdom but I’m sure as stone I’ve now lost it.

Almost lost all love, certainly scraping the last bits of hope, but still searching for joy even as time seems to stand still.

Still feeling the head rush, negativity can become too much, wearing me down, leave me feeling a clown, painting a smile without a glimmer of light.

Still searching for joy in these days of anxious youth. Not sure which of all these ideas – pains and ways is truth.

Too analytic, everything has to have meaning. Searching not only for signs, but patterns too. Maybe searching for a pathway through when all these days feel so blue.

Still searching for joy, maybe someone to tell all that I hoped to become but never found the strength or the urge to make the dreams come true.

Maybe someone who can see me in dreamland, having everything I thought would bring me joy, hearing my flaws and seeing what it is about them that’s making me hold on even when it’s clearly not matching up to whatever it is that we’re supposed to find to make this life feel like mine while still feeling as part of my time.

Having friends to share laughter and somebody to give love to and a vision to build up to, a tomorrow to look forward to, a yesterday to think back to, a cry to give shoulder to, a pillar to lean onto, a home to run back to, a treasure to dig deep to…

The pursuit of happiness – Still searching for joy – maybe learn to unlearn the fairytale.