We will Awaken.

We will awaken to faulty and damaged economies.

The ruins of the almighty twenty first century.

We will awaken, but at least we will awaken.

Some will not awaken with us. Our prayers are with their souls, and condolences with their loved ones left behind.

We will awaken still knowing more about the moon than the surface of our oceans. For whatever good.

Man’s technological advances have been humbled. Nature raises her hand of judgment upon us, as this virus continues to sweep through the lands, Man is reminded that he is not god.

In isolation, perhaps we will search our own souls and reflect. And maybe at the end of the tunnel, we will come out with a little more focus and appreciation for the things we often take for granted.

Perhaps now more than ever in most of our young lives, we are connected. Sadly in weakness and dispair, but hopefully with a common understanding that this here life is uncertain, and time waits for no man, dread discriminates not by colour or borders, and maybe we can all learn just a little – to broaden our shoulders.

We will awaken to taxes, recession and dispossession.

But at the very least, we will awaken.

Yet, most of us will awaken without ever having reconciled ourselves to these harsh realities. We will continue our planning as usual. Awaiting to know the dangers of the bee only after it stings me.

And to those, I just wish they awaken.


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