I don’t wanna waste any serious attention, but I’ve got something I need to mention.

It’s going good, it’s been tough very tough, but the best part is that I decided that going forward, we’re focused on the building more than the builders.

The builders we take care of them individually, show them respect like that, and try to remind them why we called them… There’s a problem to be solved.

So we focus on the problem to be solved. We want better. We want things that matter. We need no more chatter, we’re about to put in action for our promises – give our words a little more matter.

*Practically experiencing my best and worst times at the same damn time, it’s crazy. Fighting myself a little if not more than ever… Maybe this time just a little more prepared than the last time, but still yet under-prepared.

It’s a dangerous beautiful world, if not the other way.

I’ve been seeing both sides a lot lately. Call it perspective. Call it misguided. Whatever it is, I am fully it at the moment.

But soon comes the time. I am going to have to choose. And I’d love to get to choose now, then and always.


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