Cows eat grass all day everyday. They apparently have four stomachs, which to a layman like me, makes sense why they have to eat, eat, and eat again- and then, sleep.

Tomorrow, they do it again. And the same happens the next day after that, and the day after, and the one after that too.

The farmer opens the gates, and the cows head out. When they stray away he probably leads them back to their depths.

Apparently there are specific cows that are either born, or bred for milking.

And others are specifically good for meat.

Another thing I’ve heard about cows is that they hold a position of divinity in the Hindu religion…Or belief, or spirituality. I don’t really know much about Hinduism and I wouldn’t want to offend anyone with my ignorance.

My ignorance.

If I could have a day to achieve any wish. Even the scientifically impossible, I would ask the maker of this life to let me step out of my time, my life, and see my ignorance.

Because I saw on a Ted-ed video on YouTube that stupid people suffer a double whammy, a double jeopardy because they are (1) Stupid; and (2) too Stupid to know it.

Ted-ed used “incompetent.” Not Stupid.

I spend so much time on YouTube watching stuff like Ted-ed. It makes me feel smart for a second because unlike my peers who waste their time on the internet watching funny videos, or keeping up with the Jones’ – I watch informative content.

But the same thing happens in the end. We spend money that we don’t have on internet time to watch videos and end the videos with nothing changing. That channel that we watch becomes recognized by YouTube as an in-demand product, gets allocated some advertisement money, and somebody on that side ends the video with a little more cash.

But that’s the difference between product producers and product consumers. Another irony for us to swallow.

Laughing at people who stuff themselves with McDonald’s and gaining unhealthy obesity. While we stuff ourselves with information and gaining unhealthy entitlement.

Then you start getting anxiety because you know so much and yet so little. Jacks of many trades, masters of none. Critics with nothing made. Runners with no finish-line. Cows eating grass.


6 thoughts on “Cows

  1. You’re right Chris, nobody is better informed than anyone else, plus we’re all morally in the dark. This is a good little reminder of human folly— and of the slaughterhouse. Moo, bleat!

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