No good.

I just received a thought about a type of person who is better off in his head.

The type of person who would be happy to win a single dollar’s worth of lottery money.

“Because a win is a win and I’ve won so I’m in.”-type of person.

I think I might be that type of person. But I wouldn’t like to find out it that is true…

But if I could think my way out of normality, maybe I’d actually like society.

There is a type of “perfectionist” or maybe narcissist, who wishes he could love himself and have you do the same.

She didn’t really like the way you did certain things, but now that you’re gone, she can’t seem to forget all the good that you were.

But you know you weren’t good. Everybody knows you weren’t good. Even I had to convince her to give you many chances to be good, I doubt you ever did…

Yet, now that you’re gone and you simply can’t do no more wrong.

She’s this narcissist – in her own head. She wants to own your memory. She wants to be the one who loved you to death. She thinks she loved you ’til you could do no more wrong.

And I’m this narcissist that read her mind. I knew her moves before she did. I thought your death would do her good…

But now I see you’re just no good.


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