Towards the light/Curiosity killed the cat.

There was a time not so long ago when I suddenly became intrigued by the idea of lucid dreaming.

I think I had then recently watched the movie Inception and I thought perhaps, if I could stay awake while I dreamt, maybe there I could chase God or find truth.

One night I planned to stay up all night to study and so I made a late cup of coffee. It’s always the best time to indulge in these drugs when they’re still new to your body.

I drank the cup, but failed to stay up. And as I listened to a C.S Lewis audio-book on YouTube half-awake, I began to see a beautiful blue light with no end.

My body felt, or I dreamt that it felt as though I was floating, and then I began to float into the light.

What an exciting feeling it was, at the beginning when I just wanted to feel what comes next.

But as the light moved faster behind me, a sudden fear came upon me. I started to feel as though I was now falling beyond my limits and though I was still intrigued, it felt as if whatever was to come next, I was not ready to see.

I then simultaneously closed and opened my eyes. The former in the dream and the latter as I woke…

The relief of normality as though I had just been through a nightmare. Perhaps I was… But man, I think I know now, how curiosity can kill a cat.


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