Within US.

It seems like we are always looking for that which is within us.

So, we’re not even looking, more like we’re being lured.

The heart is the magnet, attracting love if that’s what’s inside – but mostly bitterness from times I could not forgive.

The mind, the great city walls – welcoming friends and keeping out foes – but woe to me when I found out that I had befriended pain, mistrust and the weakness of pride.

Perhaps the walls should go down, and the city be demolished, and it’s people destroyed – so that there may be a new foundation. A new way of thinking. A new birth within.

It starts with this realization.

The need to become what I want to achieve.

To open my eyes to the realities.

And allow myself to be led, not lured.

No longer blurred by self-centeredness.

But become from within, something worth searching for.