Long before Man…

Did you know?

That, long before Man was, there lived and still lives – an abundant and intelligent being like no other ever since.

We say ever since, because there is no knowing what other kind of magnificent beings might have existed before our subject matter.

But there lived a population of the being that is now known most commonly as “Alien.”

Either way, the aliens, you see…

They lived in a world that was a lot like ours. They were just as intelligent as we are, and I say that in our favor and in risk of leaving them offended.

They developed new technologies. They build cities, created lifestyles and developed economies that would keep them entertained and “playing” together fairly in their adult years, as they had once done as children.

They created competition to find out who was better than whom, who had more or less, and who had the most luck or the flavour of the gods on his side.

They followed and led each other. They ran from danger and chased down their victims. They lived life to its fullest.

In time, they became faced with the same problems that we humans now find ourselves faced with –



-Food shortages


They struggled with this for a very long time.

They explored the oceans. They explored the skies.

They watered the deserts and planted their seas.

They did almost everything possible to change their environment in order for it to better suit them and continue to accommodate all of them and their growing quantities.

And at the same time, they were faced with wars, all kinds of them:

-those that they started

-those started against them

-And those that they started amongst each other.

One day, to cut the story short, someone came up with a solution that could fix all of their problems.

There were too many of them for their worlds to hold them,

there were too many of them abusing their worlds’ resources, and

They were so big that they were easily spotted by any or all of their potential enemies.

So, they decided to shrink themselves to microscopic sizes in order for them to require much less from their environment, much less room needed to separate them from each other, and they were now too small for their enemies to find them.

Morden day Earthlings are such enemies.

And that is why we have not been able to find signs of any other forms of life out there in space blah blah blah.



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