It Rained. The Sun Came Out.

It rained on Monday, and again on Thursday.

The Sun came out Tuesday, and throughout the weekend too.

Wednesday was cloudy. Nothing in the sky.

Grey all day, the kids couldn’t come out to play.

February as a whole has been mundane. Thank god it’s three less days.

Last Year was a pleasure. Although it brought much pressure, it brought much to measure.

First year ever under contract, learnt some routines to keep intact, and much to dissect. Made mistakes I can’t retract – but there’s room to correct.

Yes sure, many joys were celebrated, broken hearts were repainted, both my brother and sister graduated.

It’s almost a decade since I first fell in love. I’ve lost a dozen roses since then.

Countless years since my first fight. It’s been a thousand since then.

Started last year with a fist fight, when what I needed was to be kissed right.

The alcohol has exposed my alter egos. All the me I refuse to be, cause –

Some Mondays are rainy, some Thursdays aren’t.

Some days the kids do play, and some months get those days.

Some pressures prove unmeasurable, living the whole year in torture.

And while some hearts were repainted, mine remains tainted.

Some fights avoided, some drinks savoured.


The Idea of You

I am unashamedly in love with the idea of you.

Though I remain ashamed of the idea of being in love with you.

Because before you, I thought I had control.

In truth, before you, I had no control.

Before you I had joy.

Before you, I thought I knew joy.

In truth, before you – As is now, I knew no joy.

As is now, I just stay content.

As is now, I stay content and think less of substance.

I stay content through substance.

I admit. Keeping you out of my mind is a positive excercise.

I admit too, that in keeping you out of my heart however;

I’m torn apart.

Because I remain in love with the idea of you. I long for your eyes to stare through mine. I swear I’d pay no mind to whatever has gone, or what’s to come.

I won’t speak ill of this time without you. Nor pressure you into tomorrow.

I wonder if I’d even speak at all.

I wonder if You’d see through my wall.

I wonder if you’d get the idea of it all.