Invest in Yourself

In this blog post, I would like to bring some attention to the money side of life. This blog is a “Lifestyle Blog” …so I’ll try not to ignore the economic side of life.

I have decided to try to utilize my writing and this platform by becoming an Affiliate Marketer for a few companies. I have been considering this avenue for just over 2 years now, but I have never been confident about advertising a product that I myself have not tried and tested.

I have now tested a few, and I am fully confident that I can now begin to nudge a few of my readers towards some of the Opportunities that are out there Online.

Trade Options with iqOption

I’ve been trying the Options trading with iqOption for the past year and this week I made my first withdrawal, which made me happy because it confirmed the legitimacy of the trading company. I have always been skeptical about online money making. But this week two very different avenues helped pave the way to the opportunities. The other company is Rev, where I work under their Transcriptionist Program ( )

OPTIONS trading

It’s important to remember that whether you are a beginner or an expert in any form of market trading, research remains a very important part of the evolution of progress. The iqOption website defines Digital Options as:

Digital Options is a trading instrument that allows you to speculate on the extent of the price change, rather than just on the general price direction. If the price of the underlying asset is to reach the threshold selected by the trader (known as the ‘strike price’), the payout may get as high as 900%. However, an unsuccessful trade will result in loss of the investment. A distinguishing feature of Digital Options is a predetermined expiration time that works in 5-minute intervals.

In simpler terms, the trader watches the Charts of a particular asset. The asset will be indicating the current status of the asset and what the trader does as an Options trader – is speculate whether or not the asset will be higher or lower than that specific point after a certain amount of time (after 5 minutes/ 10 minutes, or 15 minutes). see below.

It will require constant research, and indeed victory is never guaranteed in trading and many people have suffered great losses in the markets.

However, I think it is safe for me to say to anyone who has considered trading Forex, that the risk of loss should always be considered, but courage has never meant the absence of fear…

My Personal Strategy…which I have won and lost with

My personal Strategy, which I learnt from the website that encouraged me to start trading, is to follow the trend.

The strategy has won be a lot and lost me enough, and I am constantly learning how to use it – how to fix it and when to use it best.

Following the trend means: to follow the trend of the asset.

If the trend at that particular moment is an Upward Trend – I speculate that after my chosen time, the asset will be higher (CALL OPTION).

If the trend at that particular moment is a Downward Trend – I speculate that after my chosen time, the asset will be higher (PUT OPTION).

This is something that I have always been wanting to post when I decided to monetize my blog a little in 2018 by joining a few affiliate marketing programs. I am posting this as an affiliate marketer for ipOption.

When you sign up your account at iqOption free-of-charge using only your email address, you will be given a Practice Account to learn with throughout your time as a trader.

This will offer you a chance to try out this strategy and any other strategies that you might learn or come up with throughout your journey as a trader

Create an account with iqOption and use the Practice Account to test out your abilities on this link –

iqOption is available for people in every country excluding the following: Afghanistan, Albania, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Iran, Israel, Japan, Latvia, North Korea, Palestine, Portugal, Russia, South Sudan, Syria, and the USA.



Cows eat grass all day everyday. They apparently have four stomachs, which to a layman like me, makes sense why they have to eat, eat, and eat again- and then, sleep.

Tomorrow, they do it again. And the same happens the next day after that, and the day after, and the one after that too.

The farmer opens the gates, and the cows head out. When they stray away he probably leads them back to their depths.

Apparently there are specific cows that are either born, or bred for milking.

And others are specifically good for meat.

Another thing I’ve heard about cows is that they hold a position of divinity in the Hindu religion…Or belief, or spirituality. I don’t really know much about Hinduism and I wouldn’t want to offend anyone with my ignorance.

My ignorance.

If I could have a day to achieve any wish. Even the scientifically impossible, I would ask the maker of this life to let me step out of my time, my life, and see my ignorance.

Because I saw on a Ted-ed video on YouTube that stupid people suffer a double whammy, a double jeopardy because they are (1) Stupid; and (2) too Stupid to know it.

Ted-ed used “incompetent.” Not Stupid.

I spend so much time on YouTube watching stuff like Ted-ed. It makes me feel smart for a second because unlike my peers who waste their time on the internet watching funny videos, or keeping up with the Jones’ – I watch informative content.

But the same thing happens in the end. We spend money that we don’t have on internet time to watch videos and end the videos with nothing changing. That channel that we watch becomes recognized by YouTube as an in-demand product, gets allocated some advertisement money, and somebody on that side ends the video with a little more cash.

But that’s the difference between product producers and product consumers. Another irony for us to swallow.

Laughing at people who stuff themselves with McDonald’s and gaining unhealthy obesity. While we stuff ourselves with information and gaining unhealthy entitlement.

Then you start getting anxiety because you know so much and yet so little. Jacks of many trades, masters of none. Critics with nothing made. Runners with no finish-line. Cows eating grass.


You’ll seek for seeking’s sake.

Adam: I thought you had a passion for your writing, I often read your blogs and thought you to be intelligent, looking for truth in this lost world, speaking with some emotion in a time when everybody bottles it all in, and peace among people bred from war.

Ben: I thought so too. But then, I’d search and search, and I’d always find that I could never truly find. As if the search was made for searching’s sake, and finding borne for more finding. And peace, like the carrot that steers the farmer’s donkey forward, was never meant to be found, or worse, never was.

Cathy: Ooh you should probably write that down or something. Actually, have you ever considered writing a book?

Ben: Writing a book would be a dream. But it would also be a lot of work. And I don’t think I’ve got the time to write a book. Something else always rises when I ponder the occasion, and if I wait too long, I come to find that I no longer see the world the same way, and this week I no longer identify with my words from the last…and I assume that tomorrow will be the same, and I’ll regret even these very words that spill out of my tongue now.

Adam: True. The tongue is a powerful weapon. One that can build just as impressively as it can destroy, one that can make a fool wise today and fool him tomorrow.

Duncan: But surely if one is wise today and then a fool tomorrow, he was never truly wise to begin with. Perhaps, the ears are just as powerful as the tongue, if not superior.

Ben: Ears are none but the hallways that lead to the operation centre that is the mind. It is not what you hear that you judge wise or foolish, but what you perceive through your mind.    But if today I sound wise and tomorrow foolish, is it fair to blame it all on my audience, rather than perhaps the fact maybe I myself do not understand or identify with the words that I spoke both yesterday and today? That perhaps I have been speaking ignorantly, maybe even ignorantly with persuasion, rather than conviction.

Adam: That too could be true. In an age like ours, mindsets are not to be trusted. We are collectors of information. Our minds are loaded with extracts from this text book and that, but do we have any appreciation of any of it? What is your personal understanding of the second world war that you read about so much in school?   How different is that from the little battles fought between colonizers and natives in any “discovered” world you learnt about?

Cathy: Oh, and what about the fairy tales we grew up on? You put a Disney logo on a magic spell and dreams come true, but consider the same in medieval Europe, and you’re first in line to hang the witch. Don’t even get me started on Africa…

Duncan: Oh before we lose that line about the hanging of witches… I’m not being religious or anything, but have you guys ever considered the story of Jesus? – The dude came out of nowhere and challenged everything that the Jewish people believed from their holy books.   Eventually they make him pay for his atrocities by nailing him on a cross. How many of you think you would have been one of the few whom at that time, saw that as a wrongful murder of the soon to be heir to eternity?

Ben: Well Duncan, I’m not sure if I’m ready to answer such a question. But it really is an interesting perspective. I’m also not sure whether or not it manifests sacrilege…but how many people have been successful in this world for nothing more than the fact that they obeyed law when it was there, believed tale when it was told, and followed society when it turned there?

Adam: Well it’s certainly easier to follow the crowd that to be insane. You guys ever heard that phrase, “insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result” – How many times do you think you would be able to oppose your entire society, your reality…and as a consequence, be left out, ignored, imprisoned ( even if it’s in your own mind)?

Cathy: There is surely nothing worse than being imprisoned, or oppressed (in any way) in your own mind. Like, you can be sitting here with us having drinks and muffins during the day…all smiles and all, but as soon as you get home and you’re alone – you face the dooming and looming cells, your own mind is the warder, it is the prosecutor and judge against you – and yet, you’re supposed to find enough strength to advocate for yourself against your own d*mn self!

Duncan: Well, I hear you Cathy. But real prison is a hundred times worse than mental prison. Every dude you’ve ever met, I can assure you, has feared or still fears being isolated with life-sentenced thugs who have given up all hope of ever having a woman, but still find themselves having sexual urges…

Ben: Haha yeah that’s legit!

Adam: Haha yeah, we live in a messed up society…

Cathy: Yeah, What started this conversation again?

Ben: Oh, I was saying, you will search or searching’s sake. You’ll find shelter and then it will cave in. You’ll love and then get your heart broke…

Duncan: Yeah man, and you won’t want a pity party, but you have to express yourself.

human being, Love

A day in dreamland.

Waking up in dreamland, The land of the truly free and brave, a land of true liberty and virtue. It’s no different than waking up in Johannesburg or Madrid, or even Moscow – I suppose.

In dreamland, simply put, I have just not really fully woke up.

In dreamland, I have the same flaws, still as incompetent, my head is still stuck in the clouds as they will say. However, here, I can still enjoy the little good that I am capable of giving. I may never change the world as I’ve been told I should, or I could – or I may yet still achieve that in time…but I guess the difference is that I still believe that time will let me get there eventually.

Meaningful friendships have shown themselves hard to come by. It could be that I have yet to meet people that make it feel as if I am able to express myself beyond my attempts to tailor my behaviours, thoughts, emotions and inadequacies to suit my surroundings.

It could also be that I have not learnt to suit my behaviours, thought, emotions and inadequacies to suit my surroundings.

Otherwise, the sun brings a lovely heat and I love it when I wake up in time to catch it blazing through the morning breeze, with a warm coffee and a seat to soak it up and explore easier adventures in my head.

At around noon, it often gets a bit too hot and I prefer to find a cooling shade where I can sit with a cup of a colder drink and listen to some music, or engage in some cheap conversations, laughters, or a wandering imagination as I blissfully stare into the horizon.

I pick up a piece of dried grass and pick it apart as I consider the possibility that I may one day realize that I am but a child of the soil of my birth. I think that maybe one day I’ll be able to afford a plot of land on which I’ll be able to grow something new, maybe a potato or some fruit.

But it would be better if I would one day be able to wander away and come across some unowned land by the riverside where I can build me a home, row a boat and catch some fish.

The “if” word can be such a joy when it opens doors to things previously unimagined. But it can also be such a pain when it shows you the many kinds of doors that you are currently on course to never hold the key to.

And fear always creeps in. You could travel far and wide and find a home in a wilderness or forest somewhere out there, but that house needs still to be built, and I never did concern myself with learning how to lay bricks, or make bricks. And even if I did – How will I learn to unlove the conveniences of electricity and security from wild predators and illnesses?

All that doesn’t even matter because the biggest threat and predator of man is man. I can escape the clutches of modern society, the wars of Capitalism and Communism, but I’ll never get away from the criminality that rages in any or every human whom I might encounter even in the most off-the-grid places in this world.

But still, a day in dreamland, I love it there. Because I do not imagine a world without any or all of these evils, I just dream of one where I will be brave enough to hold my own, fight for what I did right, while not hurting myself too much for when I went wrong.


I think. I drink.

Look, I think…a lot.

I think when I listen. So much so that I stop listening. I am not proud that I stop listening, and therefore, I think while I am thinking that perhaps now I should stop thinking and return to listening.

I think when in a class lecture. This helps me make sense of what I am being taught.

I think also, during the day when I am seated in the shade under the African sun in the backyard. I think again when I am in my room watching videos on YouTube for entertainment. I think as well when I’m watching a movie, so much so that at times I cannot help but throw in my two cents worth of comments throughout.   I’d assume that this might sometimes make for unpleasant experiences when you watch movies in my company.

I think and daydream if you’d like to call it that.

I used to think a lot about God. I eventually brought myself to stop some of that because it became just a little too heavy to think about things that are never-ending.

Then I began to drink. And it was good for the first two or three glasses of wine.

I was stealing a moment of peace in my head whereby I was still thinking, but I was a little more separated from my thoughts.  It was as if I was no longer doing the thinking, but instead watching along as the movies, lessons, joys and pains played out in my head…but I was not there to really feel them, be them.

Then, eventually the drink becomes a little too much as I indulge like a kid in a candy store. I was now drunk.

I was no longer spectating the thoughts that came out of my mind. I had actually wandered off completely over and above, to Spain perhaps. Or maybe to the beach that I so love, or the mountains where I would one day love to retreat to and live in complete solitude – or even better, with my loving wife and our children only.

And while I wandered, those thoughts ceased being a mere show or movie that was being projected in my head. Those drunken thoughts became me.

And so, while I was away – I guess it would be safe to say – that the thoughts came out to play.

But such is the nature of this world, or life, or experience – that no man is an island by himself. Other humans continued to exist while I was away too.

And it just so happens that these thoughts are often one sided. I was the one who brought thoughts and reason together. I was the one who could dictate which of these were presumably acceptable according to society’s standards.

But remember that I was no longer here. And remember also that other humans can so often push boundaries. And remember that I usually exercise reason to keep a cool head.

But when I drink, I can no longer think.

The rest will be history.




I don’t wanna waste any serious attention, but I’ve got something I need to mention.

It’s going good, it’s been tough very tough, but the best part is that I decided that going forward, we’re focused on the building more than the builders.

The builders we take care of them individually, show them respect like that, and try to remind them why we called them… There’s a problem to be solved.

So we focus on the problem to be solved. We want better. We want things that matter. We need no more chatter, we’re about to put in action for our promises – give our words a little more matter.

*Practically experiencing my best and worst times at the same damn time, it’s crazy. Fighting myself a little if not more than ever… Maybe this time just a little more prepared than the last time, but still yet under-prepared.

It’s a dangerous beautiful world, if not the other way.

I’ve been seeing both sides a lot lately. Call it perspective. Call it misguided. Whatever it is, I am fully it at the moment.

But soon comes the time. I am going to have to choose. And I’d love to get to choose now, then and always.


Ask myself.

I had to ask myself and I’m yet still going to have to ask myself.

That’s the way I see it, you have to make use of whatever you have been through to help you through whatever might come ahead.

Otherwise, you’ve gone through that for no reason more than history’s sake, aging stages, and footprints in the dust.

I had to ask myself, “do I want to be happy, or sad for whatever reason?”

Had to ask myself how exactly I would I like strangers to describe me and how they felt after encountering me.

I could make them feel the sadness around me from whatever has hurt me. Or they could feel the negativity that I carry around – enough to drown everybody else with me in the tears that fill open wounds, cut from the grudges I hold.

Or maybe, if I can make them feel just how painful my sorrows have been, they can lend me some pity, and pat me on the back a little more than my father did when I was young, needing it most, trying to develop some confidence around girls, around bullies that taunted “fight back”.

Perhaps even envy, if I work hard enough, get a whole lot of things that other people don’t have.

I could devote myself to making people’s dreams come alive for me and then crush them just to remind the world that it’s dreams are smaller than mine,inferior, and boast that I am favoured by natural selection – possessing even this talent, become pretentious with it, make it colourful and transform myself to a beautiful African peacock, impressing American readers, enchanting beautiful Brits with my wits…

And even still, I could turn the other cheek completely, and love the things of light and pursue the joys of God and love all that is right, and fight for people’s rights – for people’s souls and freedom from the bonds of man and deities alike.

Or maybe I’ll just laugh it all away. Take nothing seriously – myself included – and bask in ignorance, and let everything die a joke – myself included – and ride the waves of time carelessly and call it living. Call it freedom and actually care not what the thinkers make of me.

Yes, I had to ask myself and I’m yet still going to have to ask myself which is the person I’m willing to embrace with my energies of being human being…

And the answer is for me to decide, and not the point of this plot – that is for you to discover when we encounter, or you read some of my blog.


3) Going through Growing: Love.

When I was a young boy, I had a dream that felt real.

In the dream, I had met the perfect girl and her name was Love.

Upon waking up and realizing that I was dreaming, I denied that it was just another of those random dreams that our brain entertains itself with while we sleep.

She felt so real and also made me finally feel real.

She brought a new light into my world, and made my heart beat faster. Her presence alone made my grass grow greener.

She brought rainfall to my soil and my soul grew fertile.

And of the things about me that wasn’t hers to ignite, her light was enough to light me into the required direction.

I tell you this truth, I never felt realer.

The next day, I couldn’t forget how she made me feel and how it felt being in her presence.

But the one sad part was that I’d forgotten her face.

I mean, I remember she was beautiful, caring and sweetheart.

But now I had a mission to find her without a map for starters.

And so I began looking far and wide, and ended up giving this heart where I thought I had found her.

I shared the story of that dream in which I first met her. Spoke of the kind of house that we owned and the children we cared for.

The mini-bus car that we drove through long vacations. The fights we survived and falling in love over and over.

But then as time went by the story slowly unravels. And the cover comes off to reveal that the one next me to isn’t that dream girl.

And you feel that love come and tumble down from your heart and you get the feeling in your gut that you’ve got to get out.

And so you do. But it hurts. Because it cuts – until it bleeds.

And you get scared of making the same mistake again.

And slowly the armour comes on, building gradually around your now faint little heart.

Your world has fallen apart.

And by the time you’ve stopped searching so hard, she suddenly walks into your life and you don’t know what to do because all the other times you had plans but now you’ve been caught in your sleep.

And it feels like that dream that you once dreamt. Remember?

And you jump straight into her love and relive it just as perfect as you dreamt it.

And everything is right, through the tough times and good, because you always find a way – but mostly she always saves the day.

And you love her and love her and she also does the same.

Until one day it creeps into your mind that perhaps this one too is like the last.

It’s quite stupid of you to forget that you’ve made the same mistake in the past.

And so the roses turn black as the storm thunders your mind.

You buy new shackles for your heart, the one she broke out of your hold.

Things turn sour, you do silly things to test her truth – things she doesn’t deserve for all the love she’s brought to you.

And that’s about what I have done until suddenly it began to break her too.

And you see a tear in her eyes, can’t believe it was you that put it there and you break once again… And your chains can’t save you from this pain.

And it all goes snap! You lose control and you fall to your knees, and if you only allow yourself to break in front of her, you’ll begin to feel that this is you becoming real – just not the way it looked in that dream.

And this the truth, that now you’re really falling in, falling deeper into the love and this falling you probably shouldn’t try to control because you’d be allowing yourself to fall into her arms and if she’s the one she’ll be real but if she’s not you will heal.


2) Going through Growing: Innocence.

I’ve been experiencing a haunting. I’ve beeen seeing a ghost.

He visits me sometimes when I’m alone doing whatever.

He looked familiar from a distance, but he confirmed that he was the ghost of my old friend Innocence.

He died too young.

He died with the seed of his dreams still waiting in his pocket.

Whenever he visits, we have long conversations about the times we spent together and the moments we wasted that cannot be brought back.

The sight of him frightens me about what I may yet become in this world now that he is no longer of it.

He is one from the past and we can only ever talk about the things we did and the people we once were.

He always reminds me that he cannot help me with my tomorrow because he does not have his own.

He is the face of wasted miracles.

It is so sad to see youth without life, living in the land of regret and sorrow.

Whatever kind of man I will become, I will forever be haunted by the truth that Innocence is lost, damned and bound to be forgotten.

Forever seems like a long time when the good continues to die, while evil prevails.

And I can’t seem to shake the thoughts of the evil that I am unknowingly capable of.

The evil that will be judged and accorded to me.

And it will be deserved. And that’s what gives it more weight.

That Innocence is gone and I did little to help him. That when he was here, I thought it would be forever.

That he asked me to help him learn how to bring his truth to fruition. I always sat there, saying I’d listen, but always responding by telling him why these dreams were impossible.

Saying, we’re too young to make it – but look, I didn’t know we weren’t too young to die.

But maybe if I believed when they told me, then the truths of death could have been our first reason to try.


1) Going through Growing: Trouble.

I remember some of the days when I was a little boy. Living in a settlement somewhere.

It was me, my brother, my sister and my grandmother. There was also some of my other cousins, some whom I have forgotten, and their mothers too.

My father was not there. Well he was sometimes around, but nowhere in sight in my memories.

It was me, my brother Happiness and our sister Sadness.

I think I was my grandmother’s favourite. But I know she loved us all.

Her name was Nurture. And my mother wasn’t there neither.

We lived with my cousins Anger, Curiosity, Lady, and Temper – and also the others that I have forgotten.

I had my best friend Trouble, he lived not too far away and I did everything with him.

All of this happened so long ago I hardly remember.

It happened when I didn’t even know it was happening.

Once, in my first year of school my teacher was absent and there was nobody to take her place.

So they split our class and made us sit in on the floor in the grade two and three classes.

Eventually, those accommodating teachers had enough of us and my whole class was told that we could go home early. I think about 3 hours early.

And since we hated school, Trouble and I were at the front of the crowd as the group of first grade children made their way towards the exit gates of the school.

Then, suddenly, somebody changed their mind and we heard shouts pleading that we all turn back and return to the classrooms.

Trouble and me. We wasn’t having it.

So, we ditched. Thinking back to it now I’d like to know – if we discussed it before finding agreement, or if maybe one of us just ran and the other followed suit like the made up gangsters we thought we were.

We ran. Out of the school gates with our big ol school bags bouncing all over our backs.

Then I looked back and saw that the teachers had unleashed a fourth grader upon us.

He looked so BIG!

And he ran so fast too.

But obviously not fast enough for us. We were the fastest things in the world, we thought we were.

We ran. Out the school gates and down towards the bridge and eventually across the bridge were mamas, aunties and grannies washed their laundry in the river.

Across the bridge in a flash, and a left turn, we can see Trouble’s house from here, but behind us, we can also see that catcher still chasing.

Eventually, Trouble makes it home.

I keep going. I live just a little further up the hill. So I’ve got to keep going.

When I arrive. Granny is surprised.

I tell her what happened with the absent teacher and that we were let out early. But obviously, I mention nothing about the dude who chased me halfway home because that would raise some suspicion.

Granny was okay with it and I spent the rest of the time with her, waiting for my older cousins to get back from school too.

They eventually do. And I can now join them outside and play, play and play.

Then, at the entrance gate of our home, I see Trouble – but he’s not alone – one of my aunt works as his caregiver and she has come to tell my granny that she had to send Trouble back to school when that fourth grader came to their home and took him and left her with the full story.

Now it was granny’s turn to also hear the full story.

But remember. My aunt is Trouble’s caregiver… So she works at Trouble’s house.

But me. She’s a blood relative.

My granny is my granny.

I’m in for some real tough love.

They call me in to the house, their each weilding freshly cut sticks of mass destruction, and my back is the mass. They whack me. Destructing my back indeed.

A whooping I will never forget, even though I have forgotten everything else.

But I remember some of those days. And I am going to share some of them with you.