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being! BLACK

Fifty shades of black. Light complexion, creamed perfection and Dark. Dark perceptions and bad expectations all leading to a bad black experience, no explanation for a forever damned nation – feels like a failed experiment.

Nappy hair from top to bottom, a struggle to comb – it’s been a struggle since we came out the womb. Ratchet hair matching my ratchet stare that sends the neighbours into hiding, behind tall white walls where police are waiting on speed-dial calls.

When he came with silky curtains covering what he truly had up his sleeve. We wondered while he pondered the best way to make away with everything he could reach with his perfect hands. “Tomatoes and carrots, I’ll take a bunch of that for this leather on my toes“.

We gave it to him, fair trade, next time he came he shot a few for game. It was the first Demonstration of the demon of our frustration. Here’s some candy, it’s a sweet gesture, I’ll need half of your sugar cane when I’ll return again to give you a bunch of these with which your very brothers lay slain.

It’s backward minded, the ways of your culture, here’s some infrastructure – you can thank me later. Have some cheese, shred it with a grater, I promise this life is greater – sail back with me you can be my waiter. The life of picking carrots is redundant like a parrot, give me some of your carats and I’ll return with a food that never rots.

It’s called school, it will save you from your life as a fool. You’ll starve to fund it but in the end you’ll get a job you will be full. Remember when I brought you that candy, you were living in that ragged place too sandy. But now You’re no longer like those others, the sight of them just bothers, and so too does you calling them your brothers.

The dark ones are just unbearable – They make fitting criminals, I feel less guilty beating The ugly. And why are they always so rowdy, I’m glad you’ve lost that savagery, you’re so much more ruly. But I must say truly, the women are rather creamy, curved so fully – I should have took one for when I’m lonely.

Take me back to my father’s garden where we picked tomatoes and carrots and feasted on a fattened beast. They took that from us with an infrastructure and a never rotting food which they manufacture. They took me with them, taught me their ways and their tongue and then told me to buy organic.

Why do you bother, you have grown softer and you no longer speak the tongue of your mother. Nice curtains you’ve got on there, we will try not to discomfot you with our stares just in case you also seek cover up in your stairs covered by white walls and a system that calls the police to keep us out.

Welcome to the new world brother, we sit in the middle, between creamy desserts and Dark. Our people have forsaken us, those people should never have taken us to those schools because now we are the fools, swimming in pools of blue paid for by the price of the red pools of the slain. Now my brain has been washed but somewhere inside there it still rain and thunder constantly as I ponder if there will ever be a way to return to Black