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Leave The President Alone

But I am a man with so much to offer, yet I find myself with no takers in a world that does not know what it wants I had to convince everyone that I was enough and that was when I lost myself in a space of never ending possibilities I could not commit myself to anything.

I stopped believing that I was being oppressed. I stopped complaining that the President and his officials had failed me, because it was you who voted him into office. He staked his promise in a speech much similar to this one, you believed him and now he’s doing what he believes has to be done in order to leave his very own footprint. The country is his paper and he is the artist, if he sees it only able to benefit a few, the minority, the 1 percent, or even himself and his household alone, I say let him be. Let the people struggle until your society starts to actually believe in selflessness and produces a child who will sacrifice himself and his future for the benefit of the many.

And what about that white boy my age who inherited his father’s business and employed all his mates into top managerial posts? I say let him do what he wants with what is his own. Let the mother raise her children the way she sees fit because it was her alone who carried them for nine months in the womb. You didn’t feel her pain then, so do not come as if you have anything to gain.

Jean-Paul Sartre aimed to show that a person first exists without purpose or definition, then finds himself or herself in the world and, as a reaction to experience, defines the meaning of life. If you have understood anything I’ve said until this point, you may find it quite controversial to say that people should leave things as they are. You may understand my point with regard to a person’s personal and private choices, but maybe the assertion on leaving the President or government officials to their doings may not sit as easily.

However, the focus here is that Identity is not something that a person is born with. It is something that a person is born into. Your family, society and experiences define this thing that you call yourself, your Identity. In a society where only evil exists, every child will grow up to do evil – not with an evil heart, but out of only knowing evil. It is not until that child sees an outside community that does good that he will be given a new choice to choose whether to continue with evil or to start doing good.

So when you find your President or neighbour doing something that you find undesirable, I suggest that you look at yourself and your community. Have you people laid a platform for that person to see going good as the best option? You know talk is cheap, and with that being said, I totally understand the state of my bank account. But we are living in an age now, more than ever, where Identity is something that people are struggling to accept or understand…That is why you find so many struggles with mental health.

The balance between “What I have to do” – “What I want to do” – “What I am doing” has to be considered in this modern age where many people are quick to claim a certain belief, but when push comes to shove, they do something from the complete opposite. Consider the millions of people who claim to be of the Christian Faith today. The Bible, which is supposed to be their manual to life, has Jesus Christ saying, “if you want to be my follower, you must Die To Self, carry your cross and follow me”… Matthew 16:24-26

There is no place for personal ambition in Christianity, “if we are to inherit with Christ, then we must suffer with him too”…Romans 8:17

“For we are soldiers and soldiers do not get entangled in the affairs of civilians”…2 Timothy 2:4

So if you say you are of this Christian Faith, you should then be the last person to complain about a corrupt government and be quick to get into prayer, as your commander would instruct you to. If these principles are key to Christian living, then the people should behave this way and you would see your children growing freely into this Identity and less problems for you, and more solutions for your community.

Author’s Note

This was not a post about Christians as you may find it, however, I have used the little that I know from this community of people to show how identity works. If you know any other examples, PLEASE share in the comments section. If you have something to dispute, Feel Super Free to Do so. If Offence was passed your way, do so too…Thank you for Reading.

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Know me.

You don’t know me baby. i ain’t perfect baby, you know I wanna be be perfect baby, but look how i slur my words baby.

Look how i’m forgetting You, getting lost in my thoughts thinking the world revolves around me… even forgetting my capitals baby. i’m surprised that i even remembered my full stops this one time.

You don’t know me baby. i want you to know me and speak only the truths about me but i can’t even be honest baby. i want us baby, i want oneness with you and my spirit but i can’t seem to bear the onus baby.

i’m singing the chorus baby, to a song that reflects on my life, I’m twenty one with the future supposedly within my grasp baby. But will i take it? Maybe. The world is cheering for us baby.

But you don’t know me baby. i’m aging into a man but i’m still clumsy like a baby. Caught in my own lie baby, i can’t hold on to anything let alone my beliefs, maybe that’s the reason i find no relief baby.

But i’m gonna try to stay positive baby. i hope this confusion will be brief and end before i throw me or my future off a cliff baby.

i’m waiting for Life to be gentle because like the centre of the world, i’m going mental baby. Look at my dental baby, i’m afraid that soon i won’t be able to handle beef, biting more than i can chew with these fleeting fillings in my emptiness, it’s only a matter of time before i get exposed for a bark with no bite baby.

But you don’t know me baby. Psycho man don’t know me either. Close ones neither. How long till i wither? Check the weather baby, as long as it still rains pain i’ll be staying inside baby.

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Be Myself

And if I lose myself for the sake of finding myself and then I find myself without You? Would I still be myself? What is me without you but a mere stranger walking on the other side of the street?

But then what is me with you but not with myself?

I guess the question lies in the possibility that I was predestined for you, which would mean that with you I am myself. But am I really myself or am I yours?

The other option would be for me to be myself and that would mean that I chose to be myself with you. But that makes me wonder, what if I had chosen for myself to be not with You?

See I am with you and I am asking these questions. If I had chosen myself without You, would I still have been asking these questions? Or maybe I would have been too busy living as myself to find time for these questions.

But what if I am only living because I am with you and I am so blessed that I am able to even ask?

I wonder if some of my heroes ever asked these questions. I wonder if I laughed while Robin Williams asked for himself, or if maybe I was too busy dancing while Avicii was pondering.

I wonder if I’ll ever stop writing these words. I wonder if I’m even writing these words. I wonder – if I do stop writing these words – will you wonder if I got my answers?

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Movie Nights

In an age where the night life seems bliss I appreciate the moments like this. I told my friends that all I need is a true Queen to kiss, I’ve found her, so tonight any other girl can count me as a miss – For tonight I’m saving the costs of the bill because I’m staying in for some genuine Netflix and Chill.

I’m counting my losses and multiplying my blessings, I mean no disrespect to those who are still chasing, but I’m done entertaining the glitter in their many shapes and sizes because I have found a diamond and I swear she’s priceless.

We were young but I wouldn’t say foolish because when you’re made for it you just have to embrace it. Yes I’m talking about turning up while your young blood is burning up for something exciting for the sake of exciting the masses and showing up at the coolest addresses.

That was the life made for a guy like me, spent more time vibing instead of hitting the library. All the things they had flashing in your face on the screens, I was always planning them behind the scenes. By now I could have been the face on magazines with a title of a young boy who caught fame like a disease. They would pay us for being the biggest party animals and then film us as we caught game with some rich boys from overseas.

Yes I was your typical one day nigga and a real day one nigga. But something unusual was always within, for example, I knew the difference between Hoe and Ho Chi Minh.

So life hit me with big questions that I relentlessly began to ponder, like if I wasted my talent what would be my answer when one day I die and go to the life-after to answer to the Mighty God seated at the alter.

Then I turned and looked around me and you were there, so patient and gentle and fair – then I wondered that maybe you weren’t just another dirty dish that I would rince a few times and leave you to wish that you had been wiser and kept your love for a true Prince.

I am that true Prince. And it’s because of you that I know this. It’s the moments like this that are truly bliss, having someone occasionally calling me Chris, reminding me that I’m not just some typical – for all your troubles one day I’ll take you somewhere tropical.


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Stop Writing.

I need to stop writing because I might just be good at it. Okay maybe that’s too extreme, maybe I can just stop publishing my blog posts – they might be better off as drafts.

Yes maybe drafts are better, I can pile up all my thoughts and they will never be seen and I would never revisit them just in case I get tempted to post them and let the whole world see.

I’m surely no Shakespeare, my English is far too simple – but oh how convenient, people cannot handle complicated, they don’t even understand my previous post.

Oh snap I need to stop writing. I might just be good at it and I’ll get what I wish for; write some books and get rich and famous – then my biggest fears will come true and I’ll end up like my beloved Avicii.

Many times I never stopped to think what the consequences of success could be. Everyone who’s holding my secrets might just come and spill the beans just to get their name on the community mop and wipe away all my innocence and privacy – I don’t want to be rich and famous.

So maybe I should stop writing or maybe I can just stop making sense, I can never try being boring so I’ll start now with the mathematics that birds don’t dwell on and neither did I when I passed through the tunnel and became man and then boy and then faded into thinking – yes surely I’ve lost them and they’ll never read me again…I can continue writing never to be famous today.

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The Boys in Africa

I couldn’t believe in time travel until I realised it was simply being explained the wrong way. Numbers and fancy science sound smart but look around you it’s all in your face.

Heritage and culture are vital. It is shameful to forget these principles, if you do – you are lost and we won’t waste time letting you know. You’re African bro, you need to behave like It, sound like it and be proud of it.

There are no boys in Africa, only men. You need to provide bro, there’s no time to “find yourself”. Come to the city, up the street and downtown the gents hustle. Your friend might make a fortune and you cannot afford to fail. One way or another, you need that money bro.

BOOM! It’s Globalization all up in your face bro. Hollywood and Wall Street have taken over. “While I had no money I still had Sauce. If you ain’t got no sauce then you Lost”. So we run up to the College to get these degrees – but we can’t even afford these fees.

It’s no use writing these truths, or even having the consciousness to see it…because as along as I cannot get the rhythm and beat, I’ll never afford something to eat. The Boys are into Fashion these days mama, success is measured by Instagram Likes.

I’m beginning to feel out of place and unwelcome, because I started treating women with respect and they started calling me weak. I tried to help prevent the same fate for the next generation and then my grades fell…but for some reason it came with no regrets because I don’t want to gain the world while losing my soul.

O’ mama, maybe if Daddy never left us the boys in Africa would have had a back-bone, a role model to hold onto, a prototype to imitate. But I guess he too was lured by the changing times, the freedom to follow his dreams, practice his Constitutional rights and “Find himself”. And then you had to work overtime to school us and win-some-bread.

You left us home with a gift though, entertainment on television to keep us happy. That’s when Lil-Wayne became a father figure and Facebook my playground where I downloaded so many friends who wished me happy birthday – none was there to share my cake…but that’s nothing new, it’s just the life of The Boys in Africa, “Thank you Tata Mandela”.

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“Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude. It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable, and it keeps no record of being wronged.”

It is important to know yourself before you can love another. It is important to trust yourself before you can put your trust in someone else’s hands. When you begin to love someone, make sure you are not seeking somebody who is going to make you feel special.

To love love someone means that you are willing to make the other person feel special. You are not supposed to set the standard for the kind of love you should receive in return.

It is much better to love, sit back, and let the other person decide what value they will place on you and the love that you give them. Imagine picking out your own birthday present every year😟…

That is why it’s important to know your Identity so that you don’t run around trying to Love Yourself through another person.

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We’ve all heard the saying, “with Great Power comes Great Responsibility”. Well how many of us are aware that beauty is a powerful element to life?

A beautiful woman knows that she is bound to get attention from many men and a handsome man knows he’s got an advantage over the other guys. But being beautiful can be stressful. All these eyes are on you, ready to like your Instagram pics but also, make one mistake and they have already prepared the judgement they can make about you without even knowing you.

So there comes a time when every beautiful person finally decides to settle down and be serious with a certain somebody (or at least I hope that’s the case). But no matter how much they make it obvious that they are taken and in a happy and satisfying relationship, the admirers will continue to offer a “better love” or even “friends with benefits” kinda thing.

This is why it is important that as a beautiful person, you realise your power and learn to control it because of you don’t , it will control you. Yes your beauty can control you. If you don’t control your beauty you will find yourself giving it out to every paying customer, and when everybody has tasted your beauty, it becomes stale. Don’t let your beauty become stale just because you wanted to share it with more people. Allow people to admire your beauty. The more they see what they can’t have, the more they will want it and you can feel beautiful for longer, maybe even forever. Just remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and many people often hold on to assets longer when they don’t know it’s true potential.

Stay beautiful