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Stop Writing.

I need to stop writing because I might just be good at it. Okay maybe that’s too extreme, maybe I can just stop publishing my blog posts – they might be better off as drafts.

Yes maybe drafts are better, I can pile up all my thoughts and they will never be seen and I would never revisit them just in case I get tempted to post them and let the whole world see.

I’m surely no Shakespeare, my English is far too simple – but oh how convenient, people cannot handle complicated, they don’t even understand my previous post.

Oh snap I need to stop writing. I might just be good at it and I’ll get what I wish for; write some books and get rich and famous – then my biggest fears will come true and I’ll end up like my beloved Avicii.

Many times I never stopped to think what the consequences of success could be. Everyone who’s holding my secrets might just come and spill the beans just to get their name on the community mop and wipe away all my innocence and privacy – I don’t want to be rich and famous.

So maybe I should stop writing or maybe I can just stop making sense, I can never try being boring so I’ll start now with the mathematics that birds don’t dwell on and neither did I when I passed through the tunnel and became man and then boy and then faded into thinking – yes surely I’ve lost them and they’ll never read me again…I can continue writing never to be famous today.

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The Boys in Africa

I couldn’t believe in time travel until I realised it was simply being explained the wrong way. Numbers and fancy science sound smart but look around you it’s all in your face.

Heritage and culture are vital. It is shameful to forget these principles, if you do – you are lost and we won’t waste time letting you know. You’re African bro, you need to behave like It, sound like it and be proud of it.

There are no boys in Africa, only men. You need to provide bro, there’s no time to “find yourself”. Come to the city, up the street and downtown the gents hustle. Your friend might make a fortune and you cannot afford to fail. One way or another, you need that money bro.

BOOM! It’s Globalization all up in your face bro. Hollywood and Wall Street have taken over. “While I had no money I still had Sauce. If you ain’t got no sauce then you Lost”. So we run up to the College to get these degrees – but we can’t even afford these fees.

It’s no use writing these truths, or even having the consciousness to see it…because as along as I cannot get the rhythm and beat, I’ll never afford something to eat. The Boys are into Fashion these days mama, success is measured by Instagram Likes.

I’m beginning to feel out of place and unwelcome, because I started treating women with respect and they started calling me weak. I tried to help prevent the same fate for the next generation and then my grades fell…but for some reason it came with no regrets because I don’t want to gain the world while losing my soul.

O’ mama, maybe if Daddy never left us the boys in Africa would have had a back-bone, a role model to hold onto, a prototype to imitate. But I guess he too was lured by the changing times, the freedom to follow his dreams, practice his Constitutional rights and “Find himself”. And then you had to work overtime to school us and win-some-bread.

You left us home with a gift though, entertainment on television to keep us happy. That’s when Lil-Wayne became a father figure and Facebook my playground where I downloaded so many friends who wished me happy birthday – none was there to share my cake…but that’s nothing new, it’s just the life of The Boys in Africa, “Thank you Tata Mandela”.

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Becoming a Man for my generation.

“When I was a child I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. Now I am a man, I have left my childhood ways behind me.”

Studying Law I learnt that in my country (South Africa) majority is reached at 18 years of age. At this age Contracts become legally binding and any crime committed would be trailed as an adult.

I looked at this and realised that although one does not necessarily always mature with age, one thing that does grow with your age is the consequences of your actions. This means that at 18, you ought to act as you would if you were 35 because the result or punishment would be the same.

In our youthful days we are like young cubs ready to discover the world. We are driven mostly by instinct and hormones. We know nothing about commitment and we desire nothing that sounds like too much responsibility.

When we become Men, we need to learn how to Love so that we may be Fathers, Husbands and leaders for our generarion. We are supposed to set the standards and Take up Honourable Roles to Model.

Love, however, is a responsibility and does not come instinctively. Love alone is not enough to drive a successful relationship. Factors such as patience, trust, sacrifice and faithfulness play a vital role in the story of Love. But without Love, neither of these will be possible because Love compels us to be all of these things for our loved ones.There are not many “men” left in our world today because most of the “boys” never reach that stage where they are ready to accept all these responsibilities.

From the age of 20 every young man should try to reject control from hormones and desires. If we are going to grow into great leaders and fathers, we need to be controlled by Decisions and Will power! We need to be able to decide to do right and remain loyal to our word.