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Truth is Light.

I believe the truth is the light and it shines in all of us. We all have the light and the truth within us. The truth is around us and the evidence macroscopic in the dust.

It’s evident that I have been there if you find my footprints. If you cannot see my steps try to smell my aura. It’s my lack of knowledge that makes it such a horror.

I believe the truth is around us hidden in the mysteries of God the creator. The reason he made me and the progress I make from all suffered transgressions.

The truth is in the science, the study of the laws. The truth is somewhere there in the theories of philosophy. The truth exists in the imagination and fantasy of possibilities. The truth is there in every religion – just trying to thank the one who knows it all.

The truth is revealed to each person at the right time. Sometimes we miss the signs and fall between the lines. The truth is revealed in every reflection bouncing back through the mirrors, we just have to clear the fog to remove the clog.

Everybody has seen some Truth, the easy way or the hard way. Some wrote a map to lead the way and it was followed by those who experienced it similar. It caused division but still the vision exists, because I believe that God the creator holds each of us dearly while trying to make us see clearly that everybody’s eye is teary and it’s our job to make it cheery.

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Greedy Power!

Power…Greed…More Power…More!!!!

I need power for security, I need power for continuity, I need power in my community.

Look how much I have to offer to this world, look how much wisdom I possess. This world needs a leader like Me, I can change this world and make it a better place for my people – I can make this world a better place for all people.

Love. My family needs to trust Me, I can get us out of our poverty. My family needs to love Me, otherwise I’ll leave them with nothing in my legacy.

Love. I love this world but this world doesn’t love me. Why doesn’t this world love me when I am so much better than most people? This world needs to love Me, otherwise I’ll leave the world in ashes covered in nothing.

I’m feeling low, falling into nothingness. I need somebody to blame. I blame this whole world for it did not love me. I blame you and him and her and them. I blame Donald Trump, he’s racist. I blame England and her colonies. I blame China – she built a great wall to protect her heart and left me in the cold with cheap cloth that tears, leaving me shivering and in tears.

Nope! I can’t go back to that, so I need power to suppress my oppression. I need power to be amongst the greatest. I need power and she will love Me – I need it all until she has no choice but to beg me.

I need power in my words. More power in my message will get me heard. I’ve been crying in silence, now please hear me out:

It takes a Real Man to cry because he’s come to a point where he understands that there is freedom in the truth. Tears show weakness, but it took a lot of strength to let them out and a lot more to admit that I lacked the responsibility to carry all that power.

It caused a burden on my heart when I could not use it, hoarding it in my greed, until it became heavy on my soul and that was the death of me because I was drawning refusing to let go of the weight so I sank to the point where I drank too much to blur the truth – that made me aggressive and I got caught in a Power-brawl and lost a tooth.

Now you see it in the end – too late. A toothless Man with too much Power but not enough strength to exercise it. It begins to clot in empty promises that leave you dying and the world doesn’t love you, your children don’t know you…“More Time…More!!!” Will be your cries but you’ll be better off Resting because while Alive you had no Peace.

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Sounds of Africa

Boom Boom! That’s the sound of the African drum!

Mama and the ladies dance around the fire.

Boom Boom! That’s the sound of the mine!

Daddy and the Men shall go and dig for Diamonds.

Boom Boom! That’s the sound of a bomb!

Brother and the gents decided to exterminate the embassy.

Boom Boom! That’s the sound of the Baas.

If I don’t carry my pass I’ll be good as dead!

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Follow your dreams

Follow your dreams. You might not take life seriously but life takes itself seriously and she will continue with or without you.

Your words are your dreams. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. Countless thoughts rage through my head daily, so impolite they are as the next one doesn’t wait on the last one to end…they pile up – one on top of the other.

At every conversation I partake in a practice of letting them loose, I have to watch my tongue and be careful whom I might insult and keep watch, safeguarding what I promise – I need to practice what I preach.

I’m singing a song about the day and it’s troubles, where are the victories? I’ve left them hidden and chained – at this rate depression is inevitable.

My words are my dreams and we had a conversation the other day, you asked who I wanted to be and what I wish to achieve. I spilled it in fine detail like a work of art because that’s my favourite kind of talk – rambles from fantasies that have no consequences.

Oh but how I was wrong. The Price to pay for every spoken word is the result. If only I had known that the difference between reality and dreams lies hidden in the power of the Will – the action that leads to innovation.

Talk is cheap, the death of the mindless. Wise words bring life, healing and comfort. Wisdom is my insurance, assurance of good judgement – that’s what I seek.

Speak of the devil, the bastard shall appear, in time to devour. Don’t say I didn’t warn you – your words are your dreams.

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Truth Hurts.

I couldn’t stand being rejected, so I rejected. I couldn’t bear the weakness, so I suppressed. I couldn’t risk being cheated so I cheated first.

The truth is a tough pill to swallow but it heals the wounds that the eyes cannot see and the flesh prefers not to feel. The lies are so comforting, not taking the pain away but turning me to another direction and wheeling me further away from the pain of having your life-long dreams lying slain in plain sight, all that little boy called “me” wanted to do was board a plane for the first time and fly off to see Spain.

Growing up afraid of the dark and now I’m so dark deep inside where the sun don’t shine, until the day when the devil says “now you’re mine” and doctor’s flashing that light into your intestine concluding your autopsy – “too much wine”, your death is nothing devine and your mama is left to whine over your graduation picture captioned “The world is mine”.

The truth hurts, that means your happiness is a lie and that’s why you’re so offended every time God enters the conversation, telling you that he knows the drill – the devil just wants to kill – and steal – destroy. If you’re looking for some muscle you’ve got to lift some real weights. And if you’re looking for knowledge you’ve got to read some real books – Oh if you’re looking for some joy you’ve got to seek the real you.

The comfort zone is a prison cell, a rotting hell – leave some bread there for a week and you will tell, do the same with some cheese and you could sell. Some billion people out in the world and I chose to live in a shell, I can’t take the criticism but I need their love to fill a “me” museum big enough to rival the colosseum. And if somebody threatens to dent my pride, I’ll run him over and film it for the world to see him.

I told you I’m afraid of rejection so I came up with my own objection of everybody and everything and there was no exception until it became a real obsession which turned out to be a sad reflection – that I’ve become the very thing that I feared and hated and now my childhood dream to change the world is looking outdated and I might not ever get to shout out a loud and proud, err …”Mama I made it!”.