Forgotten Magic is a modern Lifestyle Blog authored by Keletso Chris, a young South African Freelance writer with a passion for sharing the many beautiful aspects of life. On this Lifestyle blog we focus on life, which includes sharing on topics that range from the deeper views such as living instead of merely being alive, to more casual experiences such as finding the perfect barber for that gentleman’s haircut.

Keletso Chris is also a law student trying to understand life in the perspective of a young man growing and maturing in the transition from adolescence into adulthood. Trying to do the right thing and reduce on the toxic habits, we also journey through wisdom, knowledge, friendships, and also trying to be the best Big Brother and influence for the seven year old boy back home as well as the current and next generations.

And finally, as an aspiring writer, Keletso Chris has made the decision to take up the walk on that thin road between bravery and stupidity by taking up Blogging as a full-time occupation, which opens this website to potential Sponsors, investors, affiliates and also any generous donations in this booming online world in a bid to help those who may fall in love with this Blog and also encourage dreamers to dream.

Forgotten Magic also opens itself up to special reviews on products and services for established or up-and-coming brands all over the world.