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You Don’t GAIN Followers. You GET them!

Haha look at me, only two days with a Premium Account and I’m already bossing people around. Forgive me, but I have to put this out there. My friends asked me for tips on how I got people to follow my page, and this is what I told them…

I operated under a FREE WordPress page for a year before I upgraded to my current account with the view of making some money out of it and most importantly pushing myself to discover and become the Writer that I want to become.

So I had a full year with the Free Blog, but just because it was free and unable to make money, it did not mean I could just sit back and treat it as if it’s not important. I had to have vision, I had to look forward to the day when I would start paying for it – the most important goal is to make sure I at least break-even on the money I spent.


Create Content

Continue creating content. You cannot expect people to follow a page that looks like it has been abandoned. Your readers want to know if they can trust you. If you are writing about something that they relate to, your readers will be eager to know what happened since you posted. They want to know if you conquered that demon, and sometimes they want to talk with you and share experiences and build relations. If you’re not posting frequently, you might lose these readers.

I was a full time Law student this year, so I was not always able to make time for my blog, but I knew that I had to push to make it look alive. 600 Followers is still very modest, but it gives me hope for growth. So make sure you love blogging, maybe write about something you really love instead of what you think people will read.

Follow, Like and Comment on other Bloggers’ posts

One of the first lessons that I learnt when I started Blogging is that another Blogger’s success does not mean your failure. With this mindset, you should search for other posts in your niche or topic, like a few of them and make sure you read some – there is a lot of awesome content and people out there.

Today alone, I discovered three Blogs that I not only enjoy, but really love reading through ( If I knew how to link I would link them). I got to know these blogs through the exchanging of a few comments, which then led to me scrolling through their pages and discovering the Gold mines that I found.

So do that too, One big aspect of being a blogger is the Marketing factor. You are your very own Publisher, if you don’t make the effort to bring readers to your site, then you will be sucking your thumb forever…this is not that Buy Followers thing on Instagram…lol

              Author’s Note

I hope that helps shed some light into the grind that goes into creating a blog with sufficient following, let alone, making money. These tips are not the professional standard or the Formula to getting Followers, but a personal account that’s working. It is in no way the place to end however, so let us keep learning new ways and share…PLEASE leave a comment


14 thoughts on “You Don’t GAIN Followers. You GET them!

  1. There’s such a lot of things competing for peoples attention – it’s amazing anyone reads anything 🙂 I quite enjoy scrolling through my WordPress feed. Not only do I get a variety of reading it replaces a negative habit of reading the news. Personally I’m finding a balance between growing the blog and enjoying doing it.

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    • haha it has been said twice, then i guess I have to make it third time lucky. I follow a lot of news online, guess I’ll start replacing that with reading posts. I’ve already seen through a different lens.

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  2. I have been blogging for about the same time as you. the best and most unexpected part of blogging for me has been the people I have met through blogging. I never realized how important it is to comment on and follow others’ blogs before I began blogging. Great advice!

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  3. Great advice! It’s not easy maintaining a blog that gathers and holds your readers, but I never find it to be a job as I love writing and reading. Also reading others experiences and stories is fantastic inspiration for our own stories, truths, ideas 🙂🙏 great stuff!


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