Fate makers…welcome.

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It has been a beautiful journey on Forgotten Magic: Infinite Passion…That is the name which my most frequent readers have grown to associate with this young law student who just never seems to ever finish being a “law student”…well, don’t you worry, I will be finishing soon enough.

But while we wait for fate to complete the work the work that she started in that front, there is the here and the now.

When I do finally walk out of this university, I will leave with much more than a law degree. I will leave with the feelings, the bleeding, the reeling and the pealing off of that naïve adolescent mindset that I arrived with.

I will also leave with this blog. At no point growing up did I ever think I would ever consider myself as something resembling an “author” -WOW!

A “writer” – shooo! A “blogger” – damn!

That is the power of change and transition. This blog has helped me spill the beans on myself countless times, while also helping me impress some of my peers and also meet some really awesome “strangers” from around the world and it has been great.

But now is another hour for transition. I started with the previous post “Invest in Yourself” and now I would like to announce that I will now be operating this blog under the name Fate Makers: in person.

Fate Makers comes after I have not been able to write anything on a personal or creative front for months. And that is because I have taken the time to step back and ask myself what exactly all of these ideas actually mean to me.

I certainly cannot lie about this. I have been told and I have also developed the belief that I have been given everything in this world to succeed, to become wise, and to make something that I can be happy with when I look back this blog for the last time. Whenever that will be.

And so, I will be adding much more of those irritating promotional posts that will aim to spread the word on ways that people can create or find work for themselves online. I will also be promoting certain companies or products which I consider to be potentially useful to any relevant readers.

And today I start with GetResponse, I will probably write another post specifically about GetResponse, but if you are a blogger or anyone who has ever heard of the internet – then you have definitely encountered Newsletters and Email Marketing…

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2 thoughts on “Fate makers…welcome.

    • This is the first comment of this kind I’ve ever got. But I like it…I think it makes me think, coz you’ve obviously spotted that I believe in swagger and mine too…but perhaps me promoting it can help me add some new questions in this time of transition. Thank you. Wow 👐🔥


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