We are not quitting// not without reason.

We have suffered, but not without reason. We’ll suffer even more but no, we won’t be quitting.

If Death would be the beginning of our next lives, then we should fear birth even more because we enter with nothing.

On the day we die, we will have gone through every lesson there was to learn, fallen short and conquered obstacles along the way.

The acceptance that life is suffering can help one to appreciate the power of luck in our lives. The importance of a prayer for every endeavor, and the value of faith as a currency for that which is yet to have been seen.

Without this acceptance, I struggle to see that I am a product of everything I have been through, all of that which did not kill me, now gives me a power, a confidence to take a risk… spare a tear if it hurts, but if it works, GENIUS – that’s what they’ll call me.

But it’s a simple rule of nature. That we accept our mortality, not as a hindrance to a long life, but as motivation to work our way into the next level, whatever that might be for you.

Every yesterday has led to this moment. This moment has led to every tomorrow. And yet every tomorrow comes after yesterday. (This moment has come before the thing that leads it to the next moment).

Time moves slow, but it’s always running out. Sort of reminds me of the tortoise and the hare, with most of us being the furry fella…

I bet the tortoise had lost so many races that he realised that win or lose, he would remain tortoise.

We have suffered so much, but yet we hold on to the defeats, afraid that another one will break us… But why not look at the chance that it could be our breakthrough?

I mean we have already had those sleepless nights. We’ve already cried the tears… We hit rock bottom, but until the day we are six feet under, we are still within a chance of a rebound, a chance to testify that we suffered, but not without reason.

Author’s Note

I dedicate this blog post to

What Rob wrote in his nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger award was truly inspiring. It reminded me of the dream that I had, to write and for my stuff to be read. He has done that continuously, I appreciate the support.

But with Rob, I also appreciate him as a blogger. He has used his own challenging experiences to teach his readers about life with Schizophrenia. Such bravery can only be admired, and so I thank you sir.



“Some of the world’s smartest dummies” are being bullied by their own minds into trying to convince the rest of the world that they do not have a heart that breaks like the rest of us, or a little fear that teaches us survival skills, or even a genuine smile that goes along with that weird urge to be a little silly.