Critical Thinking?

Do we create the law in order to guide society onto a path, or do does the look at society, evaluate its affairs and change accordingly?

Whatever the answer is, the law remains an important part of our society, our daily interactions with one another in social, economic and political contexts.

In fact, I may even go as far as to say a fitting metaphor for the the law is that it is the shadow of every aspect of society.

One wishes to start a business selling luxury hand bags, fitting for the highest ranking moneyman’s wife and Hollywood. The law to the creation of such a handbag is that it would be immoral and unlawful to use human skin for the creation of that handbag. In commerce, a certain price is to be placed on that handbag, a certain price which is legally restricted from being too expensive and also, legally forbidden for its producer to lower the price to such an extent that it gives an unfair monopoly in the marketplace.

The law is the shadow to that handbag in many ways because a these laws will follow that handbag wherever it goes.

So it leaves me puzzled that in so many countries, specifically my country, South Africa – the law is not taught in schools at all until it is offered as a career option at tertiary level.

I am writing this article in the mist of a Jurisprudence assignment that I am working on. We study the likes of Hart and Fuller in their debates. We study the Karl Marx, Bentham and John Austin… And in an attempt to reach a point of decolonised education, they have added a very little section on African Jurisprudence and even Islamic Jurisprudence… Because we are “the rainbow nation” as you would know *wink*

However, there is currently a bit of unrest in the legal fraternity in South Africa. Legal practioners are complaining about the low standard of law graduates in the country and are demanding that the LLb degree, which is currently a four (4) year degree, be extended to five years in the hopes of improving on such issues.

Their main complaints seem to be the research and writing skills of these graduates, coupled with their ability for critical thinking, leading to problem solving.

I however, as a current law student in the country, find it obvious that there will be problems with regard to critical thinking after the completion of this degree that I am doing.

That is because the curriculum still relies heavily on an aspect of the system that I thought I would have left behind in high school. They are still very much concerned with testing the ability of students to memorize, swallow and regurgitate information that is studied in the tests.

I would understand this kind of thing with regard to the law of contract, procedure and evidence, to name a few examples. Bu it dissatisfies me greatly with regard to a module such as Jurisprudence.

In this time and age, South African law still needs to refer to Karl Marx and John Benham? I am appauled.

This shows that not enough has been done to encourage students to think critically. That when they read these theorists and jurists, they also activate their minds in order to formulate and create their own theories… Which would help to alliviate the problem of critical thinking, while also giving our country’s legal system something more closer to home as Jurisprudence for a law that is both fitting for our diverse society and relevant to students after the completion of the degree.

South Africa is a proud state of Constitutional supremacy. So why then is none of this constitution taught in the format twelve(12) years of school?

South Africa is the poster child of New democracy, of a forever changing and growing political system… Of restorative justice and practically a venture into the unknown…

So why isn’t this taught in those 12 years?

If not teaching these subjects, at least give the children some sort of teaching with regard to their basic human rights that are found in our Constitution, our Bill of rights.

Make these youths aware of its greatness as well as its weaknesses. Encourage them to learn the law so that they may become better law-abiding citizens, that they may gain an interest in eventually joining the legal field and improving the system.

But the fact that this is not the case makes me wonder that perhaps this is all the intention. Somebody is purposely keeping this opportunity away from the youth because, contrary to everything they say about inclusivity and decolonisation, they do not want to open this field to the masses.

They want you ordinary citizens to continue to see them as the higher powers, to continue to fear every time you walk into a court room, to actively feel your inferiority, because this business of the law is reserved for the “God chosen”… And everyone else must just repeat as we say.

As a side-note, consider how many people are at a disadvantage when they are faced with the might of the law and they have no knowledge, no background, only fear, and therefore, they are disadvantaged by the system.

Consider how many cases have probably happened similar to that which we find in the documentary “When they see us”… How many people plead guilty because they are so in the dark with regard to the law…


Think man, Think!

The greatest trick that the devil has played on us was convincing us that he does not exist.

So he does not exist and so, there is no such thing as an after life, or eternity, and so, there should be nothing to worry about or fear about hell.

And that brings me to the thing I am most worried about in terms of the position that so many of my peers hold with regard to their relationship with death.

In the past, humans were once afraid of death. But today, humans are afraid of life.

I constantly worry that one of these days I will log on to Facebook and will eventually throw my phone against the wall. Everywhere I look, I see beautiful, smart girls dancing with the idea of death… It frightens me, it shakes the cells of my skin, giving me an itch that I simply can’t scratch off.

The problem is suicide. The romanticisation of death and evil, of sorrow and depression leads to death!

Satan admitted in court that he had been patrolling and watching everything that had been going on all over the earth. The judge challenged him to test one of his most faithful servants, Job. He allowed the Satan to go over to Job and do whatever he wanted with everything that the servant had possessed.

Everything he possessed. All his livestock – stolen. All his workers were killed, anything that remained – was burned down by heavenly fire!

Even his own children were crushed during a family feast, surely these were the works of the beast!

And as Job stayed true to the Lord, Satan suggested that possessions meant little, “skin-for-skin” he challenged. If a man losses his health, that is when you will see his true colours.

And the Lord agreed, but he remained steadfast that Job’s life should not be taken away from him.

And so it becomes clear, that everyman does have a price. Some fall at the fate of their possessions, but even the wisest crumble with their bodies.

And yet here we are, my friends and I, so weak are we that we are crumbling to our own thoughts. We fall with our thoughts only to show how weak at will we are.

But man, I would rather fall with my thoughts. I would rather let my mind drive me to insanity, that to run from it.

I find myself defeated when I talk to my peers and hear that they like a certain kind of modern music because it helps them not to think. Well, I can assure you that no music, no foolish cartoons and no Netflix will help you not to think.

See, we have the power at least to influence our thoughts, if not to control them. We can choose what to hear and see so as to lead our thoughts in a particular direction.

If you choose not to think for yourself, let me be the one to testify that whomever is behind that song or movie has done the thinking for you, and he has done so well that he has convinced you to let go of your own mind and give it unto him.

I say, think man, Think!

The devil is not allowed to take your life from you, but if you allow him to take your mind, he will make you take your life for him… Imagine that!

Think man, how have you allowed yourself to become so hopeless that you have given up that which was once your favourite asset?

Not so long ago we were children, we had our imagination, we tunneled with no limitation, we dreamt forever about our emancipation, it was not a drug hallucination, it was the tool that God gave us for preparation, to be the light of our nation, the leaders for the next generation, the next seed in his great plantation.

Think man, Think!

I don’t wanna see another one taking his own – another one halving the load for the enemy.

Take up your mind and think. And then when you’re past there, the lord will give you everything that you wish for…And then that too will sink, until we grow old and he starts to temper with our health, because that’s exactly what it is, it’s our duty to shame the devil and make him run headlessly around the world, wearing him down with our amazing lives lived in grace, until the day when we can watch him being put to disgrace.

Seek ye first the Kingdom of God.


Remembering the feel.

“People will not remember what you said or did, but they will never forget how you made them feel”Maya Angelou

I remember the first time I ever took a mic to speak to a group of strangers. It was a meeting of some young people. Some younger than I and some much older… But still young men and women.

I remember that the question was along the lines of a hashtag that was trending on South African social media platforms, #MenAreTrash.

The hashtag came after increased coverage of domestic abuse and even murder of women at the hands of their most trusted… Their loved ones.

At the time, I had been going through somewhat of an awakening of some sorts. I was filled with more thoughts than ever before. I would even skip class on a Wednesday afternoon just to entertain my mind which just seemed to bombard me with more angles and perspectives to this thing that we’re living.

I stood up to answer on behalf of a smaller group. We had struggled to find a spokesperson, so I volunteered to represent, and that was when my mind poured out onto the topic. I can still remember the feeling of a growing confidence with every world that came out. And since we’re living in this politically correct world that we have adapted, or is it adopted?… Since we’re living in this age, I can remember being prepared to defend every word that spilled out of my lips.

I highlighted that one of the causes to this issue was the lack of two-parent households in South Africa and increasingly, the world at large.

When a young boy grows up without a father, or a father figure for example… he misses out on the opportunity to watch and leach off from somebody who has a more mature understanding of what it is like to be a man, how to carry one’s self, how to show strength and how to love as a man should.

I am aware that other factors such as tradition lost in translation, society lost in transgression, and adolescent minds lost in transit, all play their own part in a much larger picture…

But ask for the statistics, analyse not only the quantitatives – but look at the qualitatives too – a problem like gangsterism for example, suggests that perhaps when the young boy starts to see his body growing with increased testosterone, starting to feel the strength in his arms and legs, he may believe he’s been naturally gifted a weapon.

And so, even though he seems to be growing into a man through biology – he has not been taught how to handle the other problems that a man would find himself dealing with in his lifetime… And so, it becomes easier for a lad to strike a woman when the going seems to get tough.

A year or so after this, I moved to my new home and there was a gentleman who used to stay here before I did. He had just happened to be at the group meeting on that night too and he repeated that opening quote, saying that whatever I had said, he felt it.

And that’s been the same with me and this blog, and the other bloggers I have bumped into whilst I’ve been here.

The comments, reblogging and even some features on your blogs. I might sooner or later forget the words, but I will never forget how confident you make me feel, even to write this post.

Thank you.


Brothers borrow.

Humans fall and get up. he’s still human.

Angels fall and there’s chaos. he’s a Demons now. judged. done and dusted.

And so it is hard not to see why we are so crime ridden, faminated, and hugely humiliated.

This here is sacred land. no shoes allowed, yet you burn the bush…

when Angels fall they become Demons, don’t you know?. . . You Know.

Free them that they may water their Seed, there’ll be no need for greed

when it’s given freely, there’s no need for greed.

Let my King have what is his, his peoples and seed.

He feeds even the needs of the birds above, and four times the cattle are filled. pain is Healed, sorrow never sees Tomorrow, the streets are safe for a brother to cross when he needs to borrow, making sure that the children always have enough to swallow.

Sacred land, they walked on golden pathways, imagine how beautiful that journey. Picking berries, gathered under glorious shades, the beauty of a wisdom older than the trees. A young man steals some honey from the bees, surely she will be satisfied with all this sweetness.

so why do you burn the bush?

This is sacred land, Don’t you know?

Be a good brother and bring the lovely message from our father, I’ve been gone way too long. It’s so good to know that he has not forsaken me. What good would it have been if I had gained all the world for the cost of my soul? I will honour our father, this too shall fall under his Kingdom.

Look, his blood is all over me, giving his life daily, giving his sun,giving yet another chance to rejoice, Oh Long Live The King.

I regret to ask, but when will you depart my brother? I am well aware that your mission will lead you to many difficult lands. The children would be happy to slaughter a lamb and prepare a meal ahead of your travels. The young boys have just recently returned as men, and they would love to show you what they have learnt.

and yet you still burn the bush?

When Humans fall, they get up.

Demons come to steal, kill and destroy.

Remember the message of the father that led you here. Be gentle, you too were once a gentile – lost – but now you have been found, nurtured, trained and shown the way so that you too may take up the father’s business, sharing in his glory, knowing very well that nobody deserves to share in that story, but he agreed to call it history, and raised up the sun so that we may all be able to see, then he left for us a seed to watch over. . . Are you telling me that you also want to devour that which God pronounced as sacred?

an Angel’s fall becomes Devils. judged. done and dusted, old and rusted, torn and clustered. left and awaiting the fire.

Do yee also choose to defile your father’s couch?

This is sacred land. you squander all that you have inherited, sell your brothers to pirates and your sister to scavengers.

For your sake, I hope it will never be too late to seek forgiveness, to return to the light of love, shying away from the fire of rage, the fear of fear, the death of the dead, the scorn of the envious, the filth of pigs, sss of snakes – crawling shamelessly, misleading – stay away.

take up your seed and plant it. This is sacred land. Take up that which you’ve worked for and be satisfied. love your neighbour. Let brothers cross the street so that they can borrow once more.



A hot stove, a smooth groove, a white goose I dreamt.

Partnerships are unincorporated associations with a wide range of the same time consuming formalities that come with penalties, like when can I tease, or may I please.

I am as a hog rolling in my own mess and I am not sure what to do with my life yet I have to do the rest to the best of my abilities, my probabilities, the same things I could not do before I got washed up on shore.

These parts of the Australian legislation were omitted from the aforementioned policy but they will feature in the next one and they have been warned that the Holy spirit will not make it easier.

Women have come into my life and gone but my ego’s outlasted them all in the jeans that remain stained with the hot beans and my mother last washed them and I haven’t touched any of it since.

If anyone understands, please come over and teach me for I was unable to keep my eyes up in class. I slept away day dreaming and this is what I’ve found.

The truth in the mystery and laughter in misery, threading endlessly on the thin line between bravery and stupidity, genius and foul… Either one of the wisemen or delusional – blessed or downright cursed – forced his way through gravity to find space on the earth.

Pain of childbirth O’ beauty of life. Riches and charity, hunger and gloom. East, West and Northern hemispheres like Pac-Man and Co.

The confused and the good ones who are you my friend?

Slander and Slumber go hand in hand, so I’m the last one up, be the last one to laugh, and the dreamers are tough, but no dream was enough

This one can’t have and ending coz that would mean it’s been touched.