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Becoming a Man for my generation.

“When I was a child I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. Now I am a man, I have left my childhood ways behind me.”

Studying Law I learnt that in my country (South Africa) majority is reached at 18 years of age. At this age Contracts become legally binding and any crime committed would be trailed as an adult.

I looked at this and realised that although one does not necessarily always mature with age, one thing that does grow with your age is the consequences of your actions. This means that at 18, you ought to act as you would if you were 35 because the result or punishment would be the same.

In our youthful days we are like young cubs ready to discover the world. We are driven mostly by instinct and hormones. We know nothing about commitment and we desire nothing that sounds like too much responsibility.

When we become Men, we need to learn how to Love so that we may be Fathers, Husbands and leaders for our generarion. We are supposed to set the standards and Take up Honourable Roles to Model.

Love, however, is a responsibility and does not come instinctively. Love alone is not enough to drive a successful relationship. Factors such as patience, trust, sacrifice and faithfulness play a vital role in the story of Love. But without Love, neither of these will be possible because Love compels us to be all of these things for our loved ones.There are not many “men” left in our world today because most of the “boys” never reach that stage where they are ready to accept all these responsibilities.

From the age of 20 every young man should try to reject control from hormones and desires. If we are going to grow into great leaders and fathers, we need to be controlled by Decisions and Will power! We need to be able to decide to do right and remain loyal to our word.