The violent ones need police

The sick need medicine

The slick need lawyers

The young need teachers

The old need care

The fighters need war

The warriors need a Marshall

The lazy need work

The lost need a shepherd

The lost need a saviour

The King needs a Kingdom.


Viva la Vita


Glass house.

Let’s drown our fears I’ll start

I’ll compose a poem out of the words that seem to always run off my tongue, making promises I can never be sure to keep, bringing me to bonds, weaving me to plots and forcing me to always attempt to outsmart the laws that determine my fate, of broken promises and spiritual ties that try to lead me to a hell that surely I’ll hate.

So I’ll talk. To myself and by my own standards it will pass as a poem, no judgment from the outside, no views from hindsight, no companion on my side, only voices created from within that cheer me on and help me begin.

I’ll perform. To my imagination, sort of thinking that could inspire a nation, promising salvation from the eternal damnation that has told me that it was wrong to seek my own emancipation, convinced me that it was all hallucination that I had no station, that I had to be patient, but who ever wants to play patient when I’m the doctor, and also the proctor, you in my school you little fish! you better stand in that corner and understand that the ground you’re on is my standard, yes, I control your surface and I can see your scared face, I probably should have made it clear in the the preface, that once you’ve wandered this far you swimming with the sharks, and my bite definitely leaves marks, every word always seems to suggest that I’m the mark, I’m the central park in the dark all the lights lead to me, so bright you might loose your sight.

But there’s no walls in this house. The rainy season awaits. All my youthful days I spent throwing stones, playing saints and sinners, looking good, feeling smooth in front of my mirrors I didn’t know I was in a glass h o u s e


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Charles Hemsworth, who repeatedly insists on being addressed simply as “Chili Ham” is the son of a multi-billionaire, Gregory Hemsworth, the patent-holder of the world’s first ever invisible light bulb.

At around noon on Monday the 10th of June, Mr “Chili Ham” checked into a five star hotel accompanied by his entourage with whom he proceeded to bang the loud music and break almost every rule in the quiet hotel which is often a temporary home to the most important people in the country.

One of his friends reportedly told hotel staff that Charles purposefully wanted to have this party while everybody else was at work, so as to show the true extent of the gap between himself and “all the mild and basic people”.

However, at about 6pm, Chili Ham was in the back of an ambulance after a suspected concaine overdose.

At around the same time, Jao Tai Zen, a Tibetan monk was on his way to his hotel from the airport, when his Uber was involved in a head-on collision with the ambulance. The accident was fatal. No survivors. What a sad day.

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Greta thurnberg: Vladimir Putin

Did you hear that Putin response to the climate change activist teenage sensation?

-“People in Africa and Asia would love to have the same living standards as in Sweden.”

-“Explain to them to probably use Solar energy… Has anyone explained to her how much it costs?”

-“Solar energy… Explain it to them that they will probably live another 20 to 25 years in poverty, and their children will live in poverty. Explain it to them.”

Any thoughts?



This has been a journey, from adolescence to adulthood…

In a nutshell:

First you’ll want to save the world. Then it will become too heavy and drain you mentally.

Then you’ll want to save yourself.

Eventually you’ll stop thinking like Spider-Man, Superman and Batman…

And you’ll just think like man.

You’ll realize that nothing needs saving, all you’ve got is a life that needs living.

And funny enough it’s not rocket science, you’ve been doing it your whole life.

And that’s in and around the place I’m either at or going to, living the life I’ve been living my whole life.



Debts of gratitude of course and respect and fear I owe to my parents and family.

To my peers I owe whatever I may become.

To my education, work and state, I owe you effort.

To my past and future, I owe you the gift of the present.

To the world at large, I am, will and was here.

But to myself, I owe only myself.

To Good and evil, I owe participation.

Morality, love, talents, scouts, hawks, rats, friends, enemies, politics, law – I owe you emancipation.