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Catch your heartbeat

I’m trying to write something to catch your heartbeat but you prefer crude lines on a trap beat.

What could I say to remind you of the time when you used to believe in love? Which cords in your heart do I need to tap into to get you feeling again?

Can I be honest? It hurts me that you’re a savage and you’re so good at it. You used to believe in fairytales and maybe that’s where it went wrong…when you grew older and realised that you weren’t the only girl who wore a size five, then Prince Charming stopped looking and went to the Club instead.

I wish there wasn’t such great distance between us – you’ll tell me you’re next door but that’s nothing compared to where you really see yourself – lost in a metropolis, missing the turn, caught in the crowd but you’re afraid to cry for help because tears ruin your make up.

Oh sister you lost your spirit when you stopped trusting in God don’t lose your soul too…that’s all we ever had in Africa – For every dollar that we didn’t have we had one another and another had the one.

Look at your history, dreamers and believers who lost theirs so that you can have yours. Your parents were there when the gates opened for us and they built their house for you, paid their taxes so that you no longer walk the gravel and it pains me to see you forgetting, or maybe just not caring while allowing the good times to get the better of you.

Wait, what good times? It’s just sad times – so much blood shed so that you can own your body then you went and sold it for a bottle of Henny. Victoria’s Secrets to reveal your prized assets, they’re calling you dumb and you’re nodding

But I’m trying to catch your heartbeat because Oh woman – you with such connection to the mystical – your body chosen to carry life from the Heavens to the Earth, your children are crying out. Your sons need to respect you…you need to take up your Queen status and sit up your Throne.


16 thoughts on “Catch your heartbeat

      • Squashy Moss says:

        I can’t decide which award you deserve the most. You are funny, interesting and creative so maybe the Versatile blog. I can nominate you for that one. No rush though. Take your time 🕞😂

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      • Lol we shared our laughs but I think you will be laughing at me now because I don’t know how to “Tag” the blogger who nominates me so I usually have to forfeit these nominations 😭…I suck with technology

        Liked by 1 person

      • Squashy Moss says:

        Not at all. I didn’t know how to do it when someone tagged me. When you visit a blog a person’s url is displayed in the search bar. So when you write about this award you link to me at Just say I nominated you. Then please answer the questions I set for my friend’s like you. Your readers like to learn new things about you I am sure. Then nominate a few people that you like and list their urls. Maybe just pick 3 you really like. Then ask them your own questions. Then leave them the link to your blog post . If you call your blog post The Versatile Blogger Award your friends will find it. Just tell them they have been awarded it. Don’t worry about fancy ping back links. Don’t ever feel bad you don’t know how to do this kind of thing. Everyone is good at different things. People admire you for what you write not how good you are with technical stuff. I won’t ever laugh at you over this. Whether you do the blog reply or not you do not forfeit the award because you deserve it 😁. Nobody can take that away from you.

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